5 Reasons Why Moms Need a Trainer Who Specializes in Moms

Personal Trainer Who Specializes in Moms

Why You Should Look For a Trainer Who Specializes in Mom’s Health & Fitness As women we need to use a personal trainer who specializes in moms! This is a topic I actually struggle to talk about. I am SO INCREDIBLY passionate about it that it is hard for me to communicate without sounding patronizing… […]

How These Women Found Life-Long Friendships & Support in the MSL

Finding Life-Long Friendships and Support in the Mother Strong League

Finding Life-Long Friendships Through the Mother Strong League The Mother Strong League is my signature training program designed by a mom (yup that’s me!), for other mommas in all stages of their motherhood. Whether you are living with a 3-year-old, 13 years old, 3 months pregnant or just trying to get pregnant, the Mother Strong […]

5 Things Holding People Back From Joining the Mother Strong League

Reasons holding women back from joining the Mother Strong League

The Things Holding People Back From Joining the Mother Strong League I’ve been training women for several years now, through all stages of their pregnancy. And believe me, as a mother of two, I know how hard it can be to find the time, money and energy to work on YOU. I designed the Mother […]

How stress might be sabotaging your fitness goals (plus 5 ways to tackle it!)

Sooooooo you’re telling me you’re stressed out, anxious, and you’re having little tummy trouble? Stress, anxiety, and belly fat.. what do they have in common? (I am referring to the extra belly fat you can’t seem to get rid of.) “Hey Nathalia, I have been dieting and consistently following different programs for many years now […]

10 Effective & EASY Ways You Can Lose Belly Fat Today

Nathalia sitting on the floor with her kids

No overnight fixes! This is the actual truth about how you can lose your stubborn belly fat! Do you find yourself intrigued by the internet ads and magazine headlines claiming to have found the answer to shredding unwanted belly fat?!?!  Many of you have probably have bought one of these in hopes of being instantly […]

Mother Strong League Interview with Mikayla Ply

An Interview with one of my babes! This week I was lucky enough to jump on a call with my Mother Strong League babe, Mikayla Ply. I’m excited to launch into today’s interview. Mikayla is going to be talking to us about the incredible and busy journey as a mom of a one-year-old and a […]

Understanding your C-Section Pooch

What is a C-Section Pooch? Today we’re going to be defining your C-Section Pooch. We’ll cover how you get it, how you can take care of it and how you can take care of your C-Section scar. Are you ready? Let’s go! Cesarean section (C-section) is the most common surgery in many countries around the […]

Is a Slow Metabolism the Reason You Can’t Lose Weight?

Metabolism & Weightloss Cover Image

Is it a Slow Metabolism? I hate to say it but there is a lot of bad information being spread around social media, the internet, and yes, our beloved mom groups. You’ve probably heard someone blame their weight problems on having a slow metabolism, but the thing is that metabolism is rarely the culprit.  I […]

Your Life Doesn’t Suck, Your Attitude Towards it Does

Change Your Attitude and Change Your Life

This week instead of just a blog, you are getting a double treat… a video blog (vlog) AND a blog! Woohoo! I knew that I needed to create a video that would truly inspire you to stop making yourself the victim of your own destiny. Instead, it’s time to make yourself the hero of your […]