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10 High-Protein Snack Recipes (with plant-based options!)

Hey, fam! Welcome back. Today I’m sharing 10 high-protein snack recipes (I even included plant-based recipes! 🤤). I know that mom life is a BUSY life. Snacks are super helpful when the hunger hits but you don’t always have time to prepare a meal. So you grab a quick snack and go about your day… […]

5 High Protein Recipes Under $5 (Part 2)

Today’s blog is part 2 of a previous blog that was a HUGE hit, high protein recipes under $5! I’m going to be helping you craft budget-friendly high protein recipes… for UNDER $5! Our last budget-friendly high protein recipe blog is a favorite so I had to give you more! Ready for budget-friendly sources of […]

10 Delicious Plant-Based Recipes

In this post I am sharing 10 delicious plant-based recipes. Oftentimes women ask me if they can get the protein and nutrients they need, while still losing weight on a vegan diet. Here are some recipes that will do JUST that. And I bet even your kids and husband will be asking for seconds! If […]

10 Easy and Delicious Freezer Ready Meals For New Moms

In this post I have created 10 easy and delicious freezer ready meals for new moms. Why do you care about freezer ready meals? Don’t worry, we’re getting into that as well. But don’t forget to keep scrolling for all the recipes. And like always, tag me on Instagram (@nathaliamelofit) when you’re cooking! Hey mama-to-be! […]

10 Recipes That Will Help You Shed Fat (All Under $5 Per Serving!)

In this post I’m sharing 10 Recipes That Will Help You Shed Fat. You’re going to love this one because each of these recipes are under $5 per serving, with some as low as $1 per serving! Having a budget is SO important, with a proper budget you’ll be able to treat yourself and your […]

Delicious and Budget-Friendly High Protein Recipes (All for Under $5!)

In this post I’m going to be helping you craft budget friendly high protein recipes! And guess what… they’re all under $5! Ready for budget friendly sources of protein? Let’s get right into it. (When you make these, make sure to let me know how it goes! Tag your recipes #inthekitchenwithNat and @nathaliamelofit on social […]