How This Mom of 2 Lost 25lbs While Caring for 2 Babies

In this post I’m sharing the inspiring story of how one mom could lose 25lbs, while caring for her two babies. This is a reminder that it is possible for all mamas to hit their weight loss and fitness goals! Let’s get inspired.

Sometimes in life we go through a LOT and just need a helping hand to get us to the next level or a new space. We’ve all had those times where we are so overwhelmed and wish someone could wave a magic wand and help us along, right?!

That’s the case for my client I’m highlighting this week. She has been through SO much these past few years. Although she knew she wanted to get her fitness level back on track, she was overwhelmed with several life circumstances. So what in the world do you do in situations like these? Do you just give up and put your fitness plans on hold?

Not Kadian! This inspiring mom was able to lose 25lbs all while caring for her two babies! Are you ready to be inspired? I know you’re going to love this!

How one mom was able to lose 25lbs (and how YOU can too!)

Meet Kadian

She is a mom of 2 babies, a fur mama, wife, and a nurse practitioner. I’ve known Kadian for many years! I actually mentored her when we both did bodybuilding competitions in the bikini division. It was so good to be able to see life come in a full circle and work with her in a new capacity!

Kadian reached out to me for help after delivering her youngest daughter 4 months ago. She felt she needed some personalized help to not only help her get back in shape, but most importantly she wanted to have a coach who would be able to understand her postpartum body and the time limitations a busy mom of two young babies has. 

She wanted to make sure she was taking care of herself, so she could show up being her best for her babies and her husband. I think we can all relate to the feeling of providing so much to others, and giving, giving, giving all the time, yet not giving ourselves that same care. Let’s see how Kadian found her success!

Kadian’s story 

Kadian is no stranger to training and being diligent with her nutrition. In fact, she and I actually met years ago when we were both in bodybuilding competitions! She also has been working in healthcare since she was 16, so she’s very familiar with health and wellness. Kadian has been working in various nursing capacities…working her way up from nurse’s assistant to registered nurse and most recently to nurse practitioner. 

Now, Kadian is in a new stage of life. She is a mom of 2 girls under two, as well as an angel baby boy who sadly passed away shortly after being born prematurely at 23 weeks. She’s also a mom to her furbaby boxer Howard and has a loving husband of 13 years.

But despite her background in training and all the knowledge that comes along with it, Kadian soon realized that doing these things while being a mom is a WHOLE different ballgame!

Weight Loss Obstacles 

As you can tell, Kadian’s journey to motherhood has not been smooth sailing, as both her babies were born prematurely. Her first baby was a stillbirth, born at 23 weeks. After her second was born 8 weeks early, she developed postpartum depression. Then, she got pregnant again, but her younger daughter was also born prematurely; she came 9 weeks early and ended up needing extended NICU time. 

When so many things happen one after the other, it can be extremely draining mentally and put you in a really bad place. Often it helps to gain control over a certain aspect of your life in the midst of uncertainty. It’s essential to find something you can exert some control over…in this case, fitness and health were just the things!

Kadian knew she wanted to get to a healthier place, but didn’t have the time nor headspace to focus on nutrition and fitness herself. And who would blame her!? Between the NICU and her toddler at home, most of Kadian’s time was occupied. “You almost have to keep focus on just what is in front of you because so much can change hour to hour and day to day,” she says.

Personalized Coaching for Mamas

Personal coaching was something she had considered in the past but thought it wasn’t for her because she assumed she needed to be in better shape.

I want to let anyone considering coaching know right off the bat…I promise you don’t need to be at a certain weight or a certain fitness level or have a certain amount of experience even in order to “qualify” for coaching! In fact, that’s the beauty of personal coaching. It’s personalized (yep, it’s in the name!) for YOU.

Someone who has never set foot in the gym nor lifted a pair of weights is not getting the same plan as someone who is a professional athlete (yes, they get coaching too! Even I have a coach!) 

And lastly, with back-to-back high-risk pregnancies, Kadian really needed a special program. Not just any program will take the postpartum period into account, let alone a busy situation like Kadian’s. 

Finally, Kadian said it was her husband who encouraged her to just go ahead and do this thing for herself. Self-care is SO important in general, but more so when you are so busy giving your time to others. You deserve to feel good yourself…to care for yourself in the midst of all the caring you’re doing for others! And not only that, when you feel good about yourself, that happiness bubbles over into how you are able to care for others as well!

Weight Loss Success

Kadian has been able to lose almost 25lbs to date! She has improved her stability through her workouts and has improved her strength. Wanna know what you can do to lose 25lbs too? Mama, you can be next! Keep reading to find out.

And even more importantly, her mental health took a turn for the better. If there’s one thing I know from talking to many clients over the years, the mental health boost is immeasurable. This boost comes from

  1. Doing something for yourself
  2. Getting fit and in a place, you’re happy with
  3. Knowing that you’re making yourself healthier
  4. The scientifically-proven benefits to mood from exercise
  5. Self-esteem and confidence boost from seeing results. All these things combined give invaluable benefits to your sense of self.

And sure enough, Kadian has told me that she did not experience postpartum depression this time around. Many factors come into play in terms of whether someone gets postpartum depression. But exercise after birth can definitely help. 

How this mom could lose 25lbs!

How did Kadian reach her results? First and foremost, through her own hard work! But she also needed some guidance and direction, and she got that through joining my personalized coaching program! This program was ideal for Kadian’s uniquely busy situation. She absolutely needed someone to sort of take the reins for her and tell her what to do and when to do it. “My brain has so many other spots to be, I absolutely love just flipping to the workout for the day and doing it.” She got specific workouts and eating plans that basically told her what to do and when to do it so that she could get to place she was happy with quickly and without much need for research and planning on her part.

We started with a Zoom call to make sure we were a good fit (As with all personal coaching clients). “It was perfect because she was really well versed in high risk pregnancies, premature birth, the medications I had been on, and I felt really confident that she would be a great coach for me.”

Kadian was an amazing client, very enthusiastic and ready to work!! That’s an essential quality in a client. In fact, Kadian was sometimes too enthusiastic! I sometimes had to help her dial it down just a bit if she needed more time to recover! 

It’s all your schedule!

And, with personal coaching, it’s all on your schedule. When Kadian had a lot going on at home and needed to slow things down a bit, that was ok and I was right there for her when she was ready again. 

When asked what advice she has for those on the fence about personal coaching, she says, “DO IT!!!! You are already trying to be a million things, don’t be your own mentor and coach. SAVE YOUR TIME for the things that need your attention.” We all know how busy those early months are, let me do the research and planning for you!

If YOU are ready to take the next steps in your fitness journey but just need some guidance and plans…personal coaching may be right for you!! Schedule a call with me to see if we can make this work for you! 

If you’d like to find out more email [email protected] with the subject line: ‘Coaching’.

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