You Can’t Outrun A Fork (Truth About Diets + Nutrition)

In this post I’m talking to you about weight loss and dieting. We’re going to cover calories, nutrients and what you should and shouldn’t be eating. So listen up…I’m not going to sugar coat this, because you might eat it too. You can’t “undo” a poor diet. (And by “poor,” I mean a diet with […]

Too Little Time or Too Many Excuses?

This blog is going to have some tough love, so…brace yourself! We’re talking about your excuses! And I’m going to make you be really honest with yourself about whether or not you’re just making excuses instead of choices that lead to a better you!  Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. And ultimately, YOU […]

The Scale Doesn’t Measure Self Worth

Today I’m chatting with you about something I’ve talked about on Instagram, something that’s really been sticking with me lately. I reread the original post and realized there was SO MUCH I wanted to say about this topic…and I needed a full video to do it! First things first, your scale doesn’t measure your self-worth!  […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Active Moms

mothers day gift ideas

You know those jokes about Mother’s Day where the clueless husband gets his wife something she totally doesn’t need or want? A vacuum when all she wants is a relaxing spa day, or a tacky shirt that’s 3 sizes too big, or, *gasp*, nothing! Well, don’t be one of those moms this Mother’s Day! Speak […]

Understanding Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

pelvic floor

The other day I made a post on my IG stories telling people to ask me questions. This way I could answer them with the IG story feature. One question really stuck to me, and this was it: ‘’Nathalia could you please record some videos of yourself exercising your pelvic floor muscles?’’ If you know […]

Here’s What Yo-Yo Dieting Actually Does To Your Body

yo-yo diet

If you’re like most moms, there’s been a time in life when you had to lose weight fast. Maybe summer was around the corner and you wanted to look a certain way for it, or you wanted to fit into the perfect dress for that bridal shower. (When this happens we always turn to a […]