Flexible Eating – Why It’s the Way!

In this post, we’re talking about Flexible Eating and why it’s the proper way to lose weight! I’ll be covering what Flexible eating is, how you can do it safely and guess what?! It’s simple! Ready to learn the way? Let’s go. 

Oh, well, how to even approach this without seeming obnoxious?

Not a single clue, so let’s stay with my overall natural tone, shall we? 

Flexible eating, AKA IIFYM (If it fits your macros) concept causes a stir amongst those that think you can’t eat cookies and candy and still achieve physique goals… but why? 

Why must we question things to a fault? Why is there a need to continually try and reinvent the wheel? The rules of losing fat are simple (note I did not say “easy”, I said simple), yet most want to overcomplicate it but let’s break it down quickly before I give good reasons why flexible dieting is ideal.

The simple fact is that simply put, in order to achieve fat loss, you have to be in a calorie deficit; period, the end.

So however you achieve a said deficit, is by your choice. And now we’ll discuss how flexible eating helps to truly achieve this result in a way that makes complete sense for us “normal” folks.

And yes, I said “normal folks”, because are there exceptions to every rule? Yes. But for our intents and purposes, we’re speaking to busy moms who work, take care of their kids, try to keep the house somewhat presentable, and have to carve out the time to keep an eye on their nutrition and fitness. 

Those who are looking to lose body fat, build muscle and create a physique that is not extreme by any stretch of the imagination. 

Reasons why flexible eating should be your ultimate LOVE:

1. It’s Simple (and, it CAN be easy)

There is no special method, plan or nutrition ideals that are necessary. It’s EASY! Well easy in concept, but it does request some effort. I mean, remember, anything worth having won’t come super easy! But the general concept is one that is truly meant to be part of your lifestyle that doesn’t revolve around dieting. It’s to allow yourself to LIVE. 

But to start, you think about what you want for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Measure, plug into a tracker app and you’re off on your way to achieving your goals. That simple? YES! 

2. No food is “off-limits” 

I put “off-limits” in quotes only because if you have specific limitations due to allergies or digestive concerns, then of course foods may be a no-go. But in general, you can eat anything as long as it fits your “allowance” for the day. Donuts? SURE! Ice cream? Well why not! WINE? YES! Pizza? You better!

You want it, eat it… just make sure it works into your counts.

3. Sustainability

Now, because no food is not allowed, the sustainability behind the concept is superior to other forms of “dieting.” 

When we speak of dieting, it seems to have this concept of restricting not just calories, but foods. And because of that, we end up depriving ourselves. When we deprive ourselves of the things we want, we end up going buck wild eventually when we can. And with that, we end up creating a horrible relationship with food and ourselves and how we handle eating. 

Foods become labeled as either “good” or “bad.” We and I say we because I do speak from past experience, think if we eat even the smallest morsel of that “bad” food, we’ll gain all the weight back we lost and then some. Our minds play tricks on us because we’ve been programmed to believe certain non-truths about food. This leads me to my next point.

4. You are now able to LIVE

You can go out to restaurants, eat foods you may have before stricken from the record, enjoy a glass or two of wine, hot chocolate, cappuccino even WITH dessert or whatever your heart desires. And all this while still reaching your goals and not ruining any progress you’ve made. You can have all the things, make it work into your plan and keep those inches coming off, muscle creation still moving along, and do so in a way where you are truly finding joy in the process. 

5. No need for a “cheat meal”

So now, we REMOVE the idea of a “cheat meal.” UGH that phrase, just twists my insides… just the word cheat, signifies you’re doing something wrong by all the standards we’ve learned in life. Cheating on a test while in prep/elementary school, cheating on a significant other or spouse, cheating during any stage of life to gain progress/growth is all with the intent of going against the moral standard. 

So why would you want your eating to incorporate this idea? WE DON’T! You are not cheating on anything or anyone or any program. Eating all the foods is a part of life and our mentality has to embrace how to live, how to balance it all, and how to truly embrace the sweet taste of all parts of LIFE! 

6. Builds the foundation for Intuitive Eating

With all of these earlier spoken to reasons why flexible eating is DA BOMB, we now are creating the mindset and ability to find intuitive eating… we can now learn what portion size is, what our hunger cues truly are, and what our body’s needs and want biologically speaking.

We truly learn the fundamentals of why we eat and create the foundation to build upon. Just like a house from the foundation up, we learn the strength that comes from that foundation, the insides where we all begin. With our insides now matching our outsides because we did the work to truly learn, we venture into our last point.

7. You now keep the inches and weight off. 

You have allowed yourself to learn yourself and own every ounce of your life without having eating be the nucleus of. 

When we have struggled for so long to find the perfect “diet” or “fix,” solutions to problems you created, not that you truly have an issue other than a mindset, you have reprogrammed yourself to find the way to live life, hold onto your physique and understand, your lifestyle has now been changed and all for the greater good of enjoying the beauty and strength it provides to you while being able to use it to enjoy said life! 

We all too often lose sight of the simplest way to live. We look to overcomplicate and reinvent the wheel to justify and rationalize our behavior, instead of truly just understanding, that life is simple. Eating is simple. Being able to work out is a blessing! And doing all the things that embrace this beautiful life we’ve been given is the objective. Doesn’t mean you have to challenge your physical goals, it means you find the simplest way to do it. Flexibility in all facets of life is what it’s about. Now go eat ALL the foods, IN MODERATION! 

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