5 Tips for Busy Moms To Burn More Calories

As a busy working mom of two and a business owner, I understand how challenging it can be to get movement throughout the day. People think that because I am in the fitness industry, I am moving all the time, but the reality is that most of my work is done from my desk in my home office. 

Having a sedentary job can be a challenge for a lot of women who are trying to stay on track with their fitness goals, plus with so many people still working from home, it adds even more inactivity to our days. 

With working moms, the challenge becomes even greater to stay active as the demands of home don’t stop just because they work all day. So, it can be an extra layer of challenge to stay active, get all your steps in, and just feel like you are getting movement throughout the day. 

So, here are 5 Simple Ways in which you can stay active even when your job is anything but:

1. Take the stairs! 

Yup, seem too simple? NOPE, it’s not! This also goes hand in hand with parking farther away. When we choose to jump on an escalator or jump into an elevator, we actually are wasting more time and also choosing the lazy way out. Standing still yet again, either on a literal step or in a moving box can truly take longer than walking up a flight of stairs. So not only do you gain the benefit of burning calories, but you gain back sometime you claim to not have! #WINNING 

Then I want you to also park farther away from the closest spot to whatever entrance to wherever you’re going. Every single step counts to reach your whereabouts; goals inclusive of said whereabouts! 

2. Choose the furthest away bathroom in the building

Desk job? A job that requires sitting in the car most of the day? And movement doesn’t seem possible? Walk to the furthest restroom in the building. Use the bathroom upstairs as opposed to the one on the same floor as your office, couch or workstation. Or go to the basement if you have one down there too! Hey, do an extra lap on your way while you’re at it. 

Oh and drink a ton of water at your desk so you have to do this more often! Who wouldn’t love to catch breaks with a real reason when at work? Or at home for that matter? Although working from home with kids and trying to use the bathroom is ALWAYS a struggle and never a solo act LOL! 

We all need to hydrate more, this is non-negotiable when it comes to adopting a healthier lifestyle. But with hydration comes the needed task of expelling extra fluid. Hence, calorie expenditure! And now think about how being able to remove yourself from your work for a few extra minutes can also help your mindset. Clear your mind and reset your focus to enjoy some “you time,” even if it is in the loo!

The same shift is needed when home as well. We all should maybe put ourselves in a timeout on occasion to catch the break we deserve from life… even if it means just to pee! 

3. Invest in a Standing Desk

A standing desk has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my home office.

Standing not only burns more calories than sitting, but by standing up you also improve your posture and circulation. 

Plus, standing up encourages you to move more, which also burns more calories!

The standing desk I use is Uplift, which you can find HERE, and another thing I loved about it was that I could create my own custom desk to match the rest of my office! (Their Ergo chairs are quite amazing too)!

4. Desk Treadmill

Staying in line with the idea of small investments for a life of health and wellness is priceless. So what about a walking pad/under-desk treadmill? Seems silly? NOT AT ALL! I personally have it on my Amazon shopping list and will be bringing this baby home very soon. 

Literally 10,000 steps a day all while working from my home office! 10,000 steps a day translates to approximately 5 miles! Imagine that? 5 miles you never knew you could do all while being productive at work and getting paid to do it! 

Here’s the other little fact that movement supports that we all need to become much more aware of. Movement releases serotonin and endorphins, the happy hormones! I won’t say most, but a lot of the time we become quite agitated and discouraged and create feelings of unhappiness because of our jobs or current lifestyles. How do we help with that? MOVE! Movement heals. Movement creates. Movement expels. We all need to move more to become greater in purpose. 

5. Go for a walk on your lunch break

Walking is the most underrated form of exercise. Most people think they need to live in a gym in order to burn calories, but the reality is that your gym time only accounts for approximately 5% of the amount of energy that you burn in a day. 

Going for walks outside will not only help you burn more calories, but it will also improve your mental clarity, and you can also soak up some Vitamin D! 

One thing that is always important to remember is that the absolute most effective way to burn calories and lose fat is to control how much you are eating. No amount of tips to burn calories will make up for a poor diet. 

To burn calories is to truly create a solid foundation of muscle. Muscle is the key to truly burning calories while doing absolutely nothing, including while sleeping. So make sure when you can incorporate resistance training.

Remember smarter not harder through life; always in all ways! 

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