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Understanding your C-Section Pooch

What is a C-Section Pooch? Today we’re going to be defining your C-Section Pooch. We’ll cover how you get it, how you can take care of it and how you can take care of your C-Section scar. Are you ready? Let’s go! Cesarean section (C-section) is the most common surgery in many countries around the […]

Is a Slow Metabolism the Reason You Can’t Lose Weight?

Metabolism & Weightloss Cover Image

Is it a Slow Metabolism? I hate to say it but there is a lot of bad information being spread around social media, the internet, and yes, our beloved mom groups. You’ve probably heard someone blame their weight problems on having a slow metabolism, but the thing is that ‘’metabolism’’ is rarely the culprit.  I […]

Your Life Doesn’t Suck, Your Attitude Towards it Does

Change Your Attitude and Change Your Life

This week instead of just a blog, you are getting a double treat… a video blog (vlog) AND a blog! Woohoo! I knew that I needed to create a video that would truly inspire you to stop making yourself the victim of your own destiny. Instead, it’s time to make yourself the hero of your […]

The Fat Craze: How Much is Too Much?

How Much Fat is Too Much? If you’re anything like me you walk through the grocery store and can’t help but notice the fat craze! It’s funny, not too long ago there was a craze of just the opposite – LOW FAT everything. It seemed like every popular food brand came out with a low-fat […]

Are Condiments Making You Fat?

Are Condiments Making You Fat? Feature image of condiments on a table.

Learn how to use condiments in moderation to set yourself up for weight loss success. This could be a big reason you are falling short of your goals. Condiments. Yep, you read that right! Condiments = yummy add ons to your food OR Calorie BOMBS (in some cases)! A little mayo… A dollop of sour […]

How to Kickstart Your Fitness Routine

Nathalia at the gym working out with a weight bar

Are you lacking motivation? Are you lacking motivation, in a slump or feeling a bit down on yourself? We’ve all been there!! This lack of motivation can be a very normal trend in the seasons of life. Maybe you just went on vacation and came back with your pants fitting a little tighter, or you […]

Favorite Fitness & Nutrition Apps

And I’m sure you’ve all seen the reports about smartphones ruining our lives, disrupting our sleep, interfering with our productivity, and dampening cognitive function. Yeah…it’s no bueno but I am not here to debate those claims. Instead, I’m here to help you turn your smartphone into an awesome health tool that can make each day […]

10 Summer Activities for the Whole Family

10 summer activities for the family that will have your pants fitting a little looser and the kids smiling a little bigger With the Summer in full force and your kids at home, getting your workouts in may seem just a bit more difficult. There’s plenty of ways that you can get your workouts in […]

Are you new or intimidated by the gym? Read This!

The Ten Commandments for the Gym

The 10 Gym Commandments The gym can be intimidating as hell. It doesn’t matter if you’re 400 pounds, 100 pounds or somewhere in-between navigating around a new gym amongst new people and equipment can be a bit frightening. You’ll see some people and equipment that might look rather odd. You may not know whether to […]

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail: My Top Tips on How to Make Your Week Healthy, Active, & Successful!

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail: My Top Tips on How to Make Your Week Healthy, Active, & Successful! You’ve probably heard some version of the famous Benjamin Franklin saying, “By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail.” When I first read this, it reminded me of every aspect of being a mother, especially a […]