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Pregnancy Workout: Can I Gain Muscle During Pregnancy?

pregnancy workout

So I know you came here to find out if muscle CAN be gained during pregnancy. But let’s start at the beginning.   The correct question is actually this: “Is it SAFE to gain muscle during pregnancy?”   I know, I know…you’re probably tired of people telling you that everything’s unsafe during pregnancy. But stay […]

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Trying To Conceive

conceive baby

Although I’d love to take full ownership of these 5 tips, I have to give credit where credit’s due. Just recently, I interviewed OB-GYN Dr. Christine Sterling for the expert corner of the Mother Strong League, our workout and nutrition program specifically tailored to moms. (Currently, our doors are closed, but you can sign up […]

The Day I ALMOST got BS’ed – I Now Understand How YOU Feel


The Lies We Hear It’s no surprise that the internet is a place filled with BS…from “Lose 50 pounds in 2 weeks!” to “Make $1 million in one month!” These types of crazy claims are constantly thrown in our faces. Luckily, since I’m knowledgeable about weight loss and owning a business, I know straight away […]

The Friends I Made During My Motherhood Journey

mom friends

Mom Life Those of you who are moms know, the motherhood journey is filled with challenges and changes. Boy are there changes. And as a result of these changes…changes in availability, time, priorities, likes and dislikes…many of us lose friends along the way. Old friends often can’t relate to motherhood and the changes it brings. […]