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What is Perinatal Depression? And What Can You Do?

This post was written by Graziela Solomon. She is a mom of one and has been a Counselor for 4 years with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology through the University of North Texas and a Masters in Counseling through SMU (Southern Methodist University- Dallas). I’m so glad that she was able to sit down with […]

5 Things That You CAN Control Right Now!

We are living an unprecedented experience and the Covid-19  pandemic has made us all change the way we live our lives, do our jobs, and interact with one another significantly. People are having to work from home, parents are having to homeschool as they still have to keep up with work and house duties, couples […]

Jumpstart your New Year with these 10 New Year’s Resolution Tips

New Year's Resolutions Image

NEW YEAR, NEW ME!!!! Don’t just say it but 100% be about it! C’mon girl, there are only 2 days until the New Year! Do you know what that means? It means there is no better time than to set some goals and smash them! This is YOUR year to be healthier and sexier than ever! […]

How stress might be sabotaging your fitness goals (plus 5 ways to tackle it!)

Sooooooo you’re telling me you’re stressed out, anxious, and you’re having little tummy trouble? Stress, anxiety, and belly fat.. what do they have in common? (I am referring to the extra belly fat you can’t seem to get rid of.) “Hey Nathalia, I have been dieting and consistently following different programs for many years now […]

Your Life Doesn’t Suck, Your Attitude Towards it Does

Change Your Attitude and Change Your Life

This week instead of just a blog, you are getting a double treat… a video blog (vlog) AND a blog! Woohoo! I knew that I needed to create a video that would truly inspire you to stop making yourself the victim of your own destiny. Instead, it’s time to make yourself the hero of your […]

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail: My Top Tips on How to Make Your Week Healthy, Active, & Successful!

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail: My Top Tips on How to Make Your Week Healthy, Active, & Successful! You’ve probably heard some version of the famous Benjamin Franklin saying, “By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail.” When I first read this, it reminded me of every aspect of being a mother, especially a […]

Too Little Time or Too Many Excuses?

This blog is going to have some tough love, so…brace yourself! We’re talking about your excuses! And I’m going to make you be really honest with yourself about whether or not you’re just making excuses instead of choices that lead to a better you!  Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. And ultimately, YOU […]

The Scale Doesn’t Measure Self Worth

Today I’m chatting with you about something I’ve talked about on Instagram, something that’s really been sticking with me lately. I reread the original post and realized there was SO MUCH I wanted to say about this topic…and I needed a full video to do it! First things first, your scale doesn’t measure your self-worth!  […]