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5 Mistakes That Slow Down Your Metabolism and How To Avoid Them

In this post I am going to be sharing 5 Metabolism Mistakes that a lot of women are making. And we’ll discuss exactly how you can do things differently. Get ready, grab your notebook and let’s talk about metabolism.  We’ve all heard the gimmicky nutrition commercials claiming to “boost your metabolism” with a special pill […]

Are you new or intimidated by the gym? Read This!

The Ten Commandments for the Gym

The 10 Gym Commandments The gym can be intimidating as hell. It doesn’t matter if you’re 400 pounds, 100 pounds or somewhere in-between navigating around a new gym amongst new people and equipment can be a bit frightening. You’ll see some people and equipment that might look rather odd. You may not know whether to […]

Workout Routine You Can Do From Your Living Room! Workout at Home

Finding it hard to get to the gym during COVID? Workout at home. Are you finding that you have little time to get to the gym during the holidays? There is SO much that takes up our time during the holiday season. We want to make it magical for our kids and our families and […]