7 Signs You Should Invest In a Health and Wellness Coach

I believe that everyone should invest in a health and wellness coach. YUP – even me! As a coach, investing in my own health and wellness coach has always been a priority of mine. And that’s why in this post, I’m helping you with 7 signs it’s time for you to invest in a health and wellness coach too. 

So how long have you been on your journey? Journey to where should be the actual question! Do you even know? Do you have any idea what you’re trying to achieve in said goals? 

Well for starters, that may be your initial starting point for asking yourself if you need a coach.  

Signs that should invest in a health and wellness coach…

1. Information Overload

In plain English… You are just confused AF with all the information out there.

This one is so simple and so logical, but so many times overlooked because the information is so readily available that it is nearly impossible to know what is what.  All the information surrounding us from the interweb to other people’s opinions is overwhelming. We don’t know what in the actual heck we need to do to accomplish our goals. 

I mean, should you eat carbs, or should you not? (Spoiler alert, we love carbs over here!) Should you have breakfast, or should you not? Should you completely cut out sugar, or should you not? Is wine forbidden if you’re trying to shed fat and gain lean muscle? 

It really is incredibly difficult for someone who is not a fitness professional to navigate all this information, and the thing is that sometimes even some fitness professionals might be given out information that is contradictory too. 

My tip is to find someone who aligns with your LONG TERM GOALS… If you like bread, it doesn’t make sense to go with a ‘’keto’’ coach, because it is unlikely that the strategy will support you in the long run. 

2. Goal Action Confusion

Do you have your goals locked down? AWESOME! So, what is next? Do you know where to start? 

If the answer is ‘’no’’, then that is the first sign you need help. I know it is hard for many women to ask for help, but remember that time is the ONLY resource you can’t take back. You can’t get your time back… So, how long will you be spinning your wheels on your own until you get the help you need to get on track with your goals?

The most common comment I hear from ladies when they hire me as their coach is that they ‘’never expected to be where I am right now. Why did I let it get to this point?’’ 

Just like most, they got confused about what to do next… and then life got in the way. Then the next thing they are refusing to take pictures with their loved ones because they can’t stand looking at themselves. 

Get help now, take action now, before it gets to a point you never thought you would be.

3. Fad Magnet

Whether you are constantly reaching for the ‘ quick fixes- ‘’Lose 30 lbs in a month’’, ‘’No carbs ever’’, ‘’Sugar is forbidden’’, ‘’You must avoid this entire food group’’ kind of thing, only just to gain all the weight back the second you stop with said ‘’strategy’’, I’m here to help!

If you have tried all ‘’the tricks of the trade,’’ you continually think there’s a magic pill that will shred all the fat and build. You buy the “teatoxes” and go weekly for colonics. But yet somehow you still struggle to keep the weight off and love the body you’re living in. 

4. Yo-Yo Party

You were able to achieve the desired result for a short period of time but through the extremes of low caloric eating habits or restrictive dieting. You were miserably kept on such a tight regime with the nutritional intake that once you achieved the “look” and tried to go back to living/eating like “normal” (whatever that was for you), you went right back to where you started, or worse! (Meaning… you regained ALL the weight, and MORE!)

The rebound not only physically challenged you, but now you have a new battle to face, potentially disordered eating along with body dysmorphic thought processes (Obviously, these can only be formally diagnosed by a mental health care professional, but as a fitness professional I can recognize a lot of these patterns). This leads me to my next point….

5. Balance

If you struggle with understanding balance with food, you’re probably yo-yo dieting over and over and over again. Do you categorize foods as either “good” or “bad?” Feel guilty about eating something that you’ve put on the “bad” list? Are you constantly thinking about food, constantly consumed by when your next meal will be? You’ve fallen victim to the concept of a “cheat” meal or “treat” meal. 

If any of these concepts ring a bell in your brain, it’s time to invest in a coach that can break the chains that are holding you so tightly. Life is about living in moderation and balance, and sometimes we need guidance to find that balance through the investment of a coach. 

6. Support/Accountability

 You know exactly what you’re looking for, you know the plan you want to put into action but you still struggle to show up to make it come to fruition. You lack accountability. And when you lack the accountability you then become frustrated and basically give up only to start all over again on another day. 

Listen, we will not have the motivation every darn day. We cannot be motivated every day, it’s not realistic. But we have to make the conscious decision to show up every day and try. But are you really good at finding reasons, aka EXCUSES to not show up? Then you need a coach; someone who’s going to call you out on your BS. Someone who’s going to be honest with you and truly exposes your roadblocks so you can overcome them. 

It’s ok to struggle with taking responsibility for yourself. Admitting that is actually taking responsibility! And then choosing to hire a coach is not showing up for yourself! 

7. The knowledge

If your car breaks, I doubt that the majority of you will go on Google and try to fix the car on your own. If I were to take a guess, you probably would be calling a mechanic pretty quick to get it fixed. 


Because there is a big possibility that you know a thing or two about cars… But, not enough knowledge to fully understand what needs to be done to fix it. 

The knowledge a coach offers will not only help you achieve your goals, but it can renew a sense of confidence. A coach can provide so much more than just a “To-Do List.” Empowerment and encouragement while providing the right tools to move forward.

What we all need to also understand is, that when you’re reaching for a goal, you’re not just achieving that goal. You’re battling and overcoming mini-challenges, individual preliminary races, or events along the way. Remember a world champion title or a war is not won in a single event, during a one-off battle.

It is achieved over the course of small preliminary races or events, a single battle will never win the ultimate war. This is where the knowledge and strategies are needed to implement. 

We are all not meant to be a jack of all trades. If we were there would be no individual professions or career options, or specialty trades. Don’t be too ignorant to know when guidance is needed. Don’t be too stubborn to admit when help is needed.

A coach is an investment in your overall health and well-being.

It will never be a waste of time or money, it will only be a waste if you don’t realize how much you are actually losing by not feeling your best: How many pictures have not been taken, how many vacations have not been properly enjoyed, how many social events and memories have not been experienced because you didn’t FEEL your best!

THIS is how a coach can help you!

If you are READY to get personalized help and support with your fitness goals, just in time for SUMMER! I can help you! Send me a message HERE with the words “SUMMER COACHING”.

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