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6 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas to Spice up Your Love Life

I’ve got a special February surprise for you! I’m sharing 6 Valentine’s Day date ideas that are guaranteed to spice up your love life! With Valentine’s Day approaching, you may be thinking… “What should we do? Is there anything out of the ordinary we could do together?” I’ve got you, girl!!! I have listed several […]

10 Summer Activities for the Whole Family

10 summer activities for the family that will have your pants fitting a little looser and the kids smiling a little bigger With the Summer in full force and your kids at home, getting your workouts in may seem just a bit more difficult. There’s plenty of ways that you can get your workouts in […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Active Moms

mothers day gift ideas

You know those jokes about Mother’s Day where the clueless husband gets his wife something she totally doesn’t need or want? A vacuum when all she wants is a relaxing spa day, or a tacky shirt that’s 3 sizes too big, or, *gasp*, nothing! Well, don’t be one of those moms this Mother’s Day! Speak […]