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High Protein Halloween Treats for Halloween 2021

In this post, I’m sharing some High Protein Treats for This Halloween! These spooky treats are sure to delight your kids and your waistband this Halloween.  Happy Halloween Fam! I CANNOT believe that we’re already celebrating Halloween. The end of the year is coming fast and this is usually the time of year when we’re […]

5 Reasons Why You’re Regaining Weight After Losing It (And What to Do Instead)

Are You Frustrated Yet? Finally Ready? So how many times have you chosen to begin “losing weight” to only begin again, and again and again? How many “beginnings” will it take before you finally ask yourself WHY? Why isn’t it working and why do I have to continue to start over? Let’s dissect some possible […]

4 BS Excuses Holding Moms Back And How You Can Overcome Them!

In this post I’m going to be tackling your common fitness excuses and how you can overcome them. Yup. Kick those excuses to the curb with these helpful tips. Lose the weight and keep it off! Can you honestly tell yourself you are exactly where you want to be with your health, wellness, and physical […]

Team Nathalia Melo Fit is… Expanding?!

In this post I’m very excited to be introducing our brand new fitness coach, Taylor! She’s joining our coaching team to help give outstanding coaching service to women around the world.  Hello there! Nathalia here, and today I am SUPER excited to make a huge announcement. For many years the Nathalia Melo Fit coaching team […]

5 Reasons Why Pregnant Moms Should Try Prenatal Yoga

In this week’s post I have a very special guest talking about why pregnant moms should try prenatal yoga. Yoga has a world of benefits, especially for expecting moms. Learn more with the Mother Strong League’s own Yogi, Sarah Shiplett. Sarah Shiplett is the yoga instructor who helps the members of the Mother Strong League […]

15 Tips for A Happy and Healthy Marriage

Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies!! In honor of one of my favorite holidays, I thought I’d put together this blog on some top tips for a happy and healthy marriage. Now, I must say, I’m no expert. In fact…I never thought I’d find someone crazy enough to marry my crazy ass! But hey, almost 5 years […]

34 Products Fit Moms Will Love (Perfect for Holidays)

In this post I am sharing 34 Products Fit Moms Will Love for the holidays! Ready to get shopping? Me too! Christmas is that time of the year where we look forward to the celebration, the food, and the gathering with friends and family… and, although I am not really sure how much gathering we […]

6 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas to Spice up Your Love Life

I’ve got a special February surprise for you! I’m sharing 6 Valentine’s Day date ideas that are guaranteed to spice up your love life! With Valentine’s Day approaching, you may be thinking… “What should we do? Is there anything out of the ordinary we could do together?” I’ve got you, girl!!! I have listed several […]

6 Fall Activities for the Whole Family

Fall Activities for the Whole Family

Are you ready for summer to end? Did you make some great memories with your family this year? Was it hard to say goodbye to the summer outdoor activities? The good news is you don’t have to stop having fun just because fall is here. Keep your family active with fall activities for the whole […]