Testimonials by Nathalia’s Girls

I followed Nathalia for a few years before she had a family, as I met her personally at one of her events in Ireland.

When she announced her pregnancy, I was super excited to see how she approached things, and to see the changes in her body and training styles. Also, her announcement came around the time we began planning our own family, so I ordered the Pregnancy Training Guide that day and was super excited to get pregnant, keep fit, and follow Nathalia’s tips and advice.

Even though my pregnancy didn’t go well last year, I’m pregnant again now, and Nathalia’s book is in everyday use again. The pictures are clear and very demonstrative. I’m good with technique, being a personal trainer myself, but I do follow the exercise programme as prescribed. Without the book, I would feel a bit confused and worried, even though I have some knowledge, but seeing Nathalia is inspiring—very helpful and worth every penny.

I am sure people who become pregnant will find the book amazingly useful, as the majority of ladies are scared, and some guides don’t have clear pictures like Nathalia’s. I recommend the book to not only my friends but to my own clients at the gym as well.

Only one thing—I wish you were based in London! 😉

Dita Ulvrova / United Kingdom

I purchased Nathalia’s Pregnancy Training Guide and instantly loved it!! It was challenging, but completely tailored to the stage I was at with my pregnancy. I felt completely comfortable performing the exercises while at the same time getting a great workout!!

Soon after I purchased the Training Program I also purchased the Pregnancy Nutrition Guide as well. Loved this too!! I wasn’t really sure how much I should be eating and after reading the program I realised I hadn’t been eating enough. I’ve since made changes and increased my calorie intake and followed the macronutrient breakdown and I feel great. My baby is tracking well and I’ve only put on 4kg so far through my pregnancy. Overall I feel strong, healthy and fit following Nathalia’s Pregnancy Program’s. I can’t recommend these Programs enough!!

Laura Ruffle / Australia

I loved using the Pregnancy guide during my pregnancy.  There is really a lack of information when it comes to weight training for pregnant women, so it was fantastic to have an easy-to-follow, safe, well-researched training program to keep me on track.

When I became pregnant I felt suddenly limited and confused as to what I should or shouldn’t be doing but this program allowed me to continue working up a sweat (and essentially feeling like myself) right up to 40 weeks! Even my doctor said that my recovery was so quick thanks to my training!

Jennifer Boizumault / United States

Nathalia Melo is classy, down to Earth, and one of a kind. She knows her stuff when it comes to exercise and health and has given me numerous ideas that I implement in my daily arsenal. Nathalia has positively influenced the way the world trains their glutes and continues to be a source of inspiration for all of her followers

Bret Contreras, PhD / United States

I’ve recently purchased Nathalia Melo’s Pregnancy Guide and absolutely love it!
This is my second pregnancy and whilst I exercised during my first, I was never sure what I was doing – was it enough? Was it too much?

Since purchasing the guide I feel so much more confident in the exercise I’m doing and feel that I go to the gym with a real purpose of what I want to achieve.
It’s easy to follow with good explanations and pictures on how to complete the exercises safely. Would definitely recommend this guide to any moms to be!

Jill Stephenson / United Kingdom

I couldn’t recommend Nathalia’s Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Nutrition Guide enough!

Since becoming pregnant, it has been very hard to find reliable information about eating healthily and how much to eat during pregnancy.

The Nutrition Guide told me exactly what I wanted to know and more! I loved that it shows you how to calculate how much you should be eating, and it also has a calculator that does it for you! The recipes are incredible and super tasty.

But, the best part for me is that all the information came from the expertise of a Registered Dietitian who is specialized in Pregnant and Nursing women!

Camila De Oliveira Mitchell / New Zealand

I’ve purchased many workout programs over my time and I’ve never been so happy with any of them, like I have with Nathalia’s. I can honestly say I am the happiest client and this speaks loudest as I have been a client now for almost TWO years!

The workouts are constantly being shaken up and I never get bored, ever! They are killer workouts but always fun and I get so much enjoyment from them.

It is so wonderful to get to have Nathalia’s support; her Q&A sessions are so helpful and have helped me, and countless others I’m sure, so much! Especially as I have been training for a long time and have some more obscure queries and Nathalia always answers them with her extensive knowledge, experience and professionalism.

A few months in with the training I did a dexa scan, and I had lost 2.4kgs of fat and gained 1.3 kgs of muscle since I had started! This is by far the greatest achievement and greatest result I’ve ever had, it was so exciting! It’s been awesome being able to work with Nathalia and I think I will be continuing to do so for a very long time to come.

Lissie Lyons / Australia

I joined the Custom workout program in November last year and I have been able to fit all of the workouts seamlessly into my busy schedule.

Specifically, I have noticed a difference in my upper arms and my bum. I am happier with how my jeans fit and I love the new exercises I am learning every month.

I have recommended this programme to my friends and will continue to do so!

Aly Harte – Mom of three / United Kingdom

I was lucky enough to be in one of Nathalia’s custom program and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.  I wanted to sculpt my legs, get some semblance of a Brazilian booty and clean up my diet. She wrote some of the most challenging and creative exercise and nutrition programs. She was always available to answer questions and even skyped with me to demonstrate exercises that I didn’t understand. Nathalia is encouraging, motivating and very responsive. I got tremendous results. Love her!

Maya Shackley / United States

I approached Nathalia about designing a home workout about 6 months after I had my little girl.  I had been a regular gym goer up until about 35 weeks pregnant. I approached Nathalia as she was a new mum like myself and I was encouraged by her journey. I wanted something to help resume some fitness and loose some baby weight.

Nathalia was very thorough with her initial questionnaire and finding out about my capabilities.  I really enjoyed getting back into a workout routine and was pleasantly surprised at how much I could do and enjoyed doing it from home.

It took me a while to build up my strength but she had shown me a few variations of exercises so that as my fitness returned I could do more. I did lose about 16lb in 6 weeks but the biggest boost I think I got from the workouts was for my confidence back and felt much fitter physically and mentally. I would happily recommend Nathalia, she is a mum herself and understands the time and baby pressures.  She checked in with me regularly but didn’t put any undue pressure on me and was really encouraging. Now I’m back at work but still use the workouts, in the gym when I can though have the flexibility to adapt to the house.

Rachel Howe / United Kingdom