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Delicious and Budget-Friendly High Protein Recipes (All for Under $5!)

It is no surprise that after the challenges of 2020, things might be a bit tough on the financial side for so many. However, I don’t want this to be the reason why you don’t eat well and are unable to accomplish your fitness goals.  We all know that typically the cost of protein sources […]

7 Mouth-Watering Simple Egg Snacks Recipes

We all hear about the benefits of eating protein and how it is the building block of muscles, bones, skin, cartilages… and, pretty much everything else in our bodies.  As a coach, one thing I see frequently is that most people struggle to reach the recommended protein intake which is roughly 1.6- 2.2grams per kilo […]

5 Super Bowl Appetizers That are High-Protein/Low-Calories

Happy Super Bowl Season! I’m sharing my favorite game-day recipes with these 5 Super Bowl Appetizers (the calorie friendly version)! Is Super Bowl Sunday a recognized holiday in your household?  I can tell you that in my house we get pretty excited about sporting events, especially as my husband is a former professional athlete himself. […]

High Protein Crockpot Recipes

In this post I am going to be sharing some of my favorite high protein crockpot recipes. These recipes are tried and tested on my picky eaters, high in protein and low in calories. I can promise you’ll love them all! Make sure to tag me on Instagram anytime you try one of my recipes. […]

My Favorite Game-Day Recipes

Happy Superbowl Season! I’m sharing my favorite game-day recipes! Is Superbowl Sunday a recognized holiday in your household? I can tell you that it starting NOW it definitely is in my house! We’re that family that loves to have people come around (my husband loves it!), but we have not been able to do it […]