Team Nathalia Melo Fit is… Expanding?!

In this post I’m very excited to be introducing our brand new fitness coach, Taylor! She’s joining our coaching team to help give outstanding coaching service to women around the world. 

Hello there! Nathalia here, and today I am SUPER excited to make a huge announcement.

For many years the Nathalia Melo Fit coaching team has been a one-woman show: ME! I have always been very protective of my audience and of those who I serve, so I have always been reluctant to bring another coach on board because I wanted to make sure those who trusted me enough to give me their hard-earned money, got nothing but the very best.

Well, this was the case until 6 months ago when I started to notice that the team NEEDED to grow so we could keep on serving more and more women around the world…

Our mission as a business has always been to help tired and busy moms regain their fitness, and feel sexy AF… and, I couldn’t think of a better person to join me on this ride than my dear friend, former client, fitness professional, mom, wife, and the best time management person I have ever met in my life: Taylor Harkins!

Taylor is joining our team as a coach, and you can learn more about how it all started by reading it below:

The New Coach Fitness Coach at Nathalia Melo Fit 

Say hello to Taylor Harkins!

A little about me

I’m Taylor Harkins, the new fitness coach on the Nathalia Melo Fit team. I couldn’t be more excited to be here! I’m a mother, wife, Human Resources professional, BIG lover of all things fitness, and now a coach. Also, a mom to a sweet baby boy named Oliver (born September 2020) and a bonus mom to two elementary school-aged boys, Sebastian (9) and Jasper (7).

I first became interested in fitness as a middle schooler who was tired of being teased for being overweight. I remember the struggle in P.E. class to run a mile around the track. Always coming in last and honestly dealt with an ongoing sense of shame over my physique, I hated Summer. Shorts and swimsuits were on the top of my 💩 list. I couldn’t wear short shorts like the other girls because they would ride up between my legs and rub my inner thighs raw. 

Something had to change! 

That’s when my mother (who was very active and fit) began to encourage me to workout with her and make healthier food choices. Shortly after, I started using a personal trainer, commenced a half-marathon training plan, and adopted a diet program. These efforts resulted in me successfully losing about 30 pounds—which was truly life-changing for me. The boost in self-confidence alone made me feel like a different person. For the first time, school clothes shopping and summer pool parties were events I could actually look forward to instead of agonizing over. 

To keep up these healthy habits, I joined a local run club and signed myself up for a half marathon. I went on to run a number of long-distance and triathlon races and was totally hooked! I had finally overcome my biggest insecurities, exceeded my fitness goals, and most importantly, was having a lot of fun doing it! 

Meet Taylor, our new Fitness Coach at Team Nathalia Melo Fit

There’s a catch though…UGH! 🙉

My weight struggles were far from over. I went on to yo-yo diet for nearly the next decade of my young adult life. Although I stayed loyal to the gym 5-6 days a week, my diet was all over the place. I had no balance or consistency, and my protein consumption was seriously low. The gym was my outlet for stress relief and a hobby that I looked forward to each day, but it wasn’t helping me get to the “lean” physique I so desperately desired because my diet was so crappy. I was missing the most CRUCIAL part of all: the fundamentals of nutrition and a proper diet program. 

SO MANY women lack protein in their diet. It’s no wonder so many complain of a lack of muscle, strength, and the struggle to stay lean. It is a fact that the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest. Also, protein is the primary building block of muscle! ALL OF THIS is precisely why I wanted to become a new fitness coach! I knew my story wasn’t that different from the majority of women, and I wanted to help make a difference for us all. 

Most of us have similar goals/desires:

  1. Confident and sexy in our clothes (or in a 👙)
  2. Healthy for our kids and partners 
  3. Improve our mental and physical well-being 
  4. To have healthy pregnancies and lose our baby weight
  5. Maintain a healthy weight and physique long-term 

I know firsthand what it’s like to struggle year after year to lose weight and keep it off. I’ve been on every fad diet you can think of and taken all the diet pills the drugstores carry (they don’t work, btw!). I remember what it felt like to feel defeated, close to burnout, and unsure of where to turn for help—or if help even existed. I started to believe that a sexy body wasn’t possible for me. And the “professionals” weren’t helping! One once told me, “It’s just your genetics”! Nope, nope, nope!

Taylor in a red bikini playing with her son at the pool: Meet the newest coach at Nathalia Melo Fit

Becoming a coach has given me the ability to share my story and guide women on a process that will not only work now but for years to come. I knew I wanted to be part of something bigger than weight loss; to be part of a movement of women putting themselves first again. Also, to be part of changing the lie that pregnancy and age ruins your body. I wanted to show women that you CAN be sexy, fit, and confident in any stage of your life. And most importantly, I wanted to have a hand in reducing the depression and anxiety rates that are so prevalent amongst women. Especially those struggling with body shame. 

So, whether you’re preparing for a special event, having a baby, planning to have a baby, or you’re just looking to improve yourself, I know I can help you get where you want to be! 

Talk soon…XOXO,


Taylor is now available for personalized coaching! We will be offering 30% OFF her coaching packages for the first FIVE ladies who sign up!

For more information on how to work with Taylor please email: [email protected] and just write “Coach Taylor”!

Do you know someone who’d love to work with Taylor? Send them this post so they can learn more about our new fitness coach at Team Nathalia Melo Fit! And if you wanna help inspire other women around the world, then share this post to Pinterest! You can also follow me (@nathaliamelofit) for more.

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