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The Most Annoying Pregnancy Advice Women Always Receive

For some reason, every pregnant woman receives a boatload of pregnancy advice… unwanted comments and comments. You would think we have a big red arrow pointing to ourselves reading “I NEED ADVICE”. From labor horror stories to the “Are you sure you’re only 14 weeks?!”, it’s safe to say most pregnant women will encounter these at […]

What is Prolapse?

When it comes to the health of your “below the belt” area, it can be embarrassing to talk about it. If you feel this way, then know you are not alone. The Women’s Health Initiative study found that about 44-percent of women have some degree of prolapse.  So, don’t be afraid to mention any discomfort […]

Postnatal Depression: What is it? How can exercise help it?

Many women experience a little bit of “the baby blues” after birth. After all, being woken up by a baby crying at 2 a.m. for the fourth time in one night would be trying for anyone. A little bit of the blues or some minor mood swings are normal in the postpartum period; your body […]