5 Reasons Why Busy Moms Should Try Flexible Dieting

In this post I’m going to be sharing why busy moms should try flexible dieting. We’ll be talking about the benefits of flexible dieting. I’ll also touch on why it’s not a quick fix or a one size fits all. But that might just be why flexible dieting works so well for moms. Ready? Let’s go.

Would you believe me if I told you I have tried nearly a dozen different diets in the last 20 years?!?! 

Well, sadly, it’s true. 

“Clean Eating” used to be the only way I felt I could lose weight and have the body I wanted. I never imagined being able to have a glass of wine and ice cream in the same evening. 

NO WAY!!!!!!

Here’s how I USED TO think…

Chicken + Rice + Asparagus = Good & Ice cream + Wine = BAD

Flash forward to now… AND… I am happy to say I have broken out of that mindset and found a healthy relationship with food that allows me to enjoy my life and still crush my fitness goals. I no longer view food as Good vs. Bad, but instead in a realistic and sustainable fashion. 

So, what does this mean for you?

You CAN: 

  • Have ice cream with your kids and achieve a body you feel confident to rock a 2 piece  bikini in
  • Drink wine and still get in shape 
  • Go to your favorite restaurant and not have to feel guilty for “cheating” on your diet 

Let me tell you how! 

Here’s Flexible Dieting 101…

Flexible Dieting is not just another fad. It’s a lifestyle used to maintain a healthy physique and still enjoy all life’s indulgences. Flexible Dieting is a term used for individuals that do not restrict their diet to certain foods just because “they’re on a diet”. Instead, the approach is centered around meeting a daily or weekly macronutrient target. This DOES NOT mean you can eat 5 servings of ice cream and 3 servings of potatoes loaded with cheese and butter every day and lose weight. You will NOT see results by eating in a surplus and by eating a diet full of junk food.

Newsflash! There is no diet that will give you the freedom to binge eat every day! 

***It is extremely important that you have a balanced diet in terms of carbs, protein, and fat. Your body relies on each macronutrient to function optimally. Depriving your body of anyone’s macronutrient will result in a shift in energy balance.*** 

So, listen very carefully… Flexible dieting allows individuals to plan ahead, have flexibility in the food items they can eat, and still reach their fitness goals. This means if you know you have a birthday party coming up where you will want to have a slice of cake and a glass of wine, then you plan ahead to fit that meal into your macros for the day. This means you can break away from boring chicken rice meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and have a meal you enjoy. This means you can have your favorite cocktail at happy hour with the girl. AND SO ON…

Memorize this! Think “4 – 4 – 9” & remember Fat is the biggest one…well…because it’s FAT! (Insert laughing emoji) 

MACROS = Carbs (4 calories per gram), Protein (4 calories per gram), & Fat (9 calories per gram) 

It’s really that simple! In fact, a flexible diet can be started today by following these three easy steps:

  1.     Calculate your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure).
  2.     Calculate your macros in ratios that help you reach your desired goal.
  3.     Track your food using an App like MyFitnessPal or My Macros. 

This is the EXACT approach I have used since having my two kids Nico (4) and Chloe (3). I am able to stay in shape and feel confident in a bikini year-round all while having ice cream with my kids and going on date nights with my husband. 

I have helped thousands of women over the years successfully reach their fat loss and body recomposition goals, while still juggling all the demands of being a busy working mom. 

Real-Life Example… Taylor, who is a former client, is on a 1500 calorie-per-day diet. She has been given the following macronutrient guidelines: 150g of carbs, 110g of protein, & 50g of fat. Her weekly average is what matters in terms of her weight loss success. So, that means if Taylor eats 1700 calories one day then the next day, she can manipulate her calories for the remainder of the week so her overall weekly caloric intake stays the same. This approach allows for flexibility when eating out and attending social events. At the end of the week, Taylor will still have adhered to her plan and moved one step closer to her weight loss goal.  

Still with me?!?! Here are my top 5 reasons you should try Flexible Dieting: 

Reason #1: It is sustainable

The definition of sustain is to maintain at a certain rate or level and that’s exactly how your approach to fitness should be! If you do not have a plan that you can adhere to then you will not have lasting results. Flexible Dieting allows for you to live a normal life while having lasting results. 

Reason #2: It is not a one size fits all

Just like your bra size! LOL. Diets are not one size fits all. We are all different and we all have different goals. Adhering to a macro-based flexible program allows you to follow a plan that is catered perfectly to YOUR needs and goals. Also, it can be adjusted over time as you crush your goals and set new ones. 

Reason #3: It allows you to have treats with your kids and loved ones and not feel guilty about it

This is the reason so near and dear to my heart. Yes, I love looking HOT in a bikini, but I LOVEEEEEE sharing life’s memories with my children. I look forward to our family trips to the ice cream store, summer walks to the snow cone stand, and fun nights over dinner with my husband. 

Reason #4: You can grab on the go snacks even from a gas station and still can crush your goals

Do you know how many times I pull over to the gas station and run in to grab a snack? Like… weekly. I am not always the most prepared and my life changes at a moment’s notice. Sometimes I get stuck on the road longer than I expect and need my diet to adapt with me. Guess what? I still stay in shape because I adjust my next meal to stay within my goals. A single bag of chips will not ruin your goals! 

Reason #5: It empowers you to have more control over your menu without depending on boring set meal plans

No one wants to eat chicken, rice, and asparagus every meal! You can have all the things you enjoy in moderation and still look HOT AF. 

I am so excited for you to jump on board this amazing journey of flexible dieting with me! It is literally LIFE-CHANGING. It’s never been a better time to stick with a method that REALLY WORKS.

If you want to learn everything about flexible dieting as well as the exact framework that not only I have used to get in shape after having my kids, but thousands of women have used to eat the same food as their family and still crush their goal of wearing a 2 piece bikini… Come join me in “The Ultimate Nutrition Mastery Workshop For Busy Moms!” 

In this workshop, I will be sharing all my secrets and strategies that you will be able to use for the rest of your life. Cheers to the last diet you will ever do. Let’s go, girl! 


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