5 Reasons Why Every Mom Needs a Fitness Coach

Whether you are an absolute newbie to working out or a seasoned gym-goer….here is the truth: every mom needs a fitness coach. In this post I’m giving you workout tips for busy moms, with the help of a fitness coach!

A coach provides motivation, direction, guidance and so much more. I know what you’re thinking…and yes, even I have a coach! I have 23 years of experience in the gym and over 10 years of experience as a coach myself, yet, I too have a fitness coach and find one to be essential! Even the top athletes in the world all have coaches too. 

Still not convinced? Don’t worry… I have listed out workout tips for busy moms! (all with the help of a coach!)

Reason 1: Accountability 

How many times have you started a workout regimen and then burned out? How many times have you tried watching what you eat or eating more healthily, only to have the motivation fizzle out a few months later? In these cases, what you often need is accountability. Finding workout tips for busy moms is one thing… but actually sticking to those tips is a whole new matter!

Accountability to someone other than yourself is a huge motivational push. Knowing that your coach will be checking in on you and finding out you skipped that morning workout or went overboard on the weekend makes you think twice about deviating from the plan. Knowing that you have to report to someone gives an extra boost to your sense of dedication. Because deep down, we all are people pleasers in a way. We feel bad about letting someone else down, and get a high from knowing we followed through with something and from “showing off” that work to someone else (ie your coach). 

Thinking that you already know all you need to know about fitness to need accountability?

Check this out: 

Many of the ladies who sign up for my programs were or are fitness professionals. As I said in the intro, it doesn’t matter how into fitness you are or even if you’re a fitness coach yourself like me! Everyone needs some accountability.

Workout tips for busy moms: Mom sitting in front of her laptop on a yoga mat

Reason 2: It will save you time

Mamas! As the mom of two busy toddler I 100% know that your time is at a premium these days. Between all the many things we do as moms, we don’t really have all that much time to put together elaborate fitness plans, or research meal plans and macros and all that. And if you do, you’re getting bombarded by conflicting info (carbs are bad!! No, fat is bad!! Cardio is all you need!! No, strength exercise is better!!)

It’s hard to sort it all out. Someone that has not only been there and done that, but is also qualified to do so can help you sort out what tips will help you get maximum results. That’s why I know that these workout tips will work for busy moms! Because I am one!

Time is the only commodity that we can’t take back… we can always make more money, but we can never make more time. A coach saves you from having to spend precious time researching fitness plans and YouTube videos and apps that may or may not work for you and your particular circumstances! By having a coach, you are placing value on your time and eliminating the guesswork. You’re freeing yourself up for other things. With a coach, practically all you have to do is show up and do the work! 

Reason 3: Realistic Goal Setting

People often set unrealistic expectations for themselves. Meaning, they want that “beach bod” by summer (when summer is 2 weeks away) or want to run a 5k by next weekend and they’ve never even at least jogged before! Sorry to say, but…not happening.

A coach can help you set REALISTIC and SUSTAINABLE goals. Because when you set unrealistic goals…you’re much more likely to give up because you think you’ve failed.  

Let me explain. You set a goal for yourself to lose, say, 5 pounds in one week (yes I did have a client who wanted to lose AT LEAST 20 lbs in 5 weeks!) So you get through that first week, and you’ve taken extreme dieting measures and have worked out like crazy the whole week. You step on the scale, and find you’ve lost “only” two pounds. Now, two pounds a week is perfect and amazing work… in fact, 2lbs in a week is a very healthy and successful number for a  week of fat loss.

But of course, since your goal was 5 pounds, you feel discouraged. You feel like you failed. So you either buckle down on the efforts (increasing the chance you’ll burn out, not to mention how unhealthy that is) or, you give up. Either way unrealistic expectations lead to burnout, a sense of failure, and dissatisfaction.

Workout tips for busy moms: a woman on her yoga mat drinking water in a bright lit room

When I have clients that come to me with these expectations, it is my job as a coach to break the news to her that her goals were unrealistic and not going to work. Then I help educate them on what sustainable and healthy fat loss actually looks like. Same when I’ve had a client who wanted to run at just 2 weeks postpartum. I had to talk her down to help her realize that, while her dedication was commendable, she needed to take that time to heal up for her long term health’s sake! That’s what a coach does. Helps you set goals that you are likely to succeed in, because what really matters is progress and success! 

Reason 4: Faster Results

Before you get tempted by the next “get fit quick” scheme (and yes, just like “get rich quick” schemes, these don’t work), stop and think how much stress and yo-yo dieting you’ll be saving yourself by being under a coach’s guidance. I know that we all want faster results. But how can these workout tips apply for busy moms?! 

A coach helps you navigate through all the conflicting info out there and gives you the shortcut version of how to become fitter and healthier. NOT by fad diets and restriction, but by giving you direction on where to proceed and helping you steer clear of the bumps along the road. 

This ties into the time aspect as well. A coach has sorted through all the fads and stuff to give you a clear path on which to embark. A coach has done it all before you (and made all the mistakes before too!) so you don’t have to.

Reason 5: Specialized Training

Finally, it’s important to choose a coach who specializes in YOU.

Case in point: moms!

I actually specialize in training moms in all stages of their journey. I’ve done several courses and acquired plenty of certifications to understand the body of a new mom. Not only because I am a mom, but also because I know the internal changes happening in a mom’s body. I am familiar with the challenges new moms often face (and often, these problems persist and even get worse as the years go on and are not addressed).

There are several things that change in a woman’s body during pregnancy and after she has a baby (even if her baby is already 15) that need to be taken into consideration before doing an exercise program. Pelvic floor issues and diastasis recti, for example, are two conditions that require specialized knowledge to make sure what you’re doing is not actually causing more harm than good.

I mean, you don’t want to be doing a marathon 3 weeks postpartum! That doesn’t mean you can never do them, that means you need to address any underlying issues and take it easy until the parts of your body affected by pregnancy and childbirth. Giving yourself a chance to heal up with the correct and tailored rehabilitation program.  

A coach specializing in moms can tell you, first of all, how to know if you’re having issues that require extra care, and second of all, can help guide you to the right ways to exercise and the not so right ways so you can avoid them. And a coach who is a mom herself is even better! She gets it like no one else will. She will understand your time constraints, your other priorities, and your struggles. 

As you can see, having a fitness coach is essential! If you are SERIOUS about getting fit, getting healthy, and feeling sexy AF, I want you to head on over to my 5 Week Super Shred Challenge: Summer Edition! You’ll get all the benefits of me as your coach for  5 weeks, PLUS, a TON of extras!

These bonuses include:
  • The support of a  group with other women going through the same journey as you
  • Weekly coaching calls with me
  • Weekly yoga classes
  • Extra motivation when you need it
  • Workout plans for home or the gym are available, so you can train wherever and whenever you want.
  • Help determining your caloric needs
  • Loads of meal plans!

And so much more! Check it all out HERE!

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