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Understanding Food Labels

How to Read & Understand Food Labels

Food labels can be confusing and feel like they’re full of information we don’t really need. What information on a food label is helping us? In this guide, I’m helping you read and understand food labels to help on your fitness and weight loss journey.  How to Read & Understand Food Labels Attempting to decode…

10 Useful Training Tips For Gym Newbies

New Year, New Me… no, Seriously! 10 useful tips to Gym newbies.

We all know that in the New Year, many people’s resolution is to get fitter, healthier and possibly to join a gym. I know there are a lot of comments on Social Media that get you discouraged before you even start, and I also know that the gym can be a scary place to beginners. Even people who are regular gym goers, can get intimidaded when going to a new gym… I do. Everything that is new can be a bit uncomfortable, but once you learn your way around the gym, meet a few people, and MAINLY start seeing results…the gym will not be that scary anymore.

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