How This Mom of Three Regained Her Confidence (and Six Pack) Just 5 Months After Giving Birth!

In this post I am going to be telling you the inspiring story of this mama’s postpartum fitness journey. I LOVE an inspiring story, and talking to the women I get to work with inspires me daily! This story is going to inspire you as well. I know it. 

I truly believe testimonials and reviews are key when it comes to just about anything. In the market for a new appliance? Look up reviews! Need a new doctor? Look up what their patients say about them! 

Don’t just take my word for it. When it comes to my Fitness Challenges, I recently got some amazing feedback from one of the moms in the program.

Aodhain’s inspiring postpartum fitness journey

Let me introduce you to mom-of-3 Aodhain.

This lovely client of mine from Ireland mirrors so many of the mindsets I see happening over and over in moms. You’ll be able to relate to many of her struggles. Luckily, my program has helped her (and is still helping her!) so you can see the REAL change and REAL results! I often share pictures on my Insta page of moms’ results, but those results are just half of it. These stories are ‘behind the scenes. 

Aodhain on her postpartum fitness journey

Postpartum fitness struggles

Aodhain is currently on maternity leave from her job as a diagnostic radiographer after having her third child. She wondered if she’d ever get to a place where she felt happy with where she was. After each of her kids, she had tried training and walking several miles almost daily, to no avail. Her third child is most likely her last child. So, she wanted to be able to know she did her best when it came to getting her body to a place where she felt confident and happy with it. She was feeling ready to give up on getting to a point she was happy with but wanted to give it one “last hurrah” of sorts now that her family feels complete. Just to be able to know she gave it her all.

Aodhain and her newest baby

Many other moms feel the same when they reach out to me. You get to that point where you’re like, “let me try this one last thing to be able to say to myself that I gave it my all.” Before resigning yourself. 

Aodhain’s main area of concern was her belly. You know what I’m talking about ladies. That mommy pooch. Like many other moms, Aodhain had that mommy pooch look that occurs partly because of stretched-out skin during pregnancy, and partly due to something called diastasis recti. If you’re not familiar with this condition, you should be! Learn more about that here.

Because all pregnant women experience this condition, a separation of the abdominal muscles, to some degree or another. While for some it resolves in the months after birth, for many others, the abdominal muscles remain separated, causing a bloated look (sometimes leading to that annoying question, “When are you due?” 6 months after you’ve had the baby!) Aodhain was able to get the core muscles there but still had a rounded belly with proper training. 

Aodhain on her postpartum fitness journey

Here’s where Aodhain’s story intersects with that of so many other moms within my program. I have heard similar stories of dissatisfaction with the look of their body post-pregnancy. Before joining my program, I find that many women work out or diet to no avail; they find that despite their best efforts, it’s just not working, or that they are inadvertently addressing some issues while ignoring (or worse, intensifying) others. 

Unfortunately, Aodhain relates that she’s heard numerous times from other moms that they were unable to get their bodies back, particularly after their third child. Let me tell you now, there’s nothing about a third, (or second or fourth for that matter), that prevents you from looking the way you want and getting healthy! No physiological process within your body clicks to the “off” switch once baby number three is born! 

Time for change in the postpartum fitness journey!

At this point, Aodhain discovered one of my fitness challenges, and I’m so glad she did! My program is specifically designed by me, a mom of 2 (c-section momma at that! Let me tell you if I can do it so can you!). It’s perfect for your postpartum fitness journey. I have custom-tailored my program to help new moms, moms to teens, and every mom in between. And as you’ll see, my program works!

Aodhain worked well with the two-pronged approach in my program. Looking and feeling your best is all about exercise and diet. The two are intertwined. She appreciated the varied workouts, saying they never got boring because things are mixed up. And with gyms closed during the pandemic, the home workout programs are essential! 

As a busy mom to a 6-year-old, 3-year-old, and 5-month-old, Aodhain doesn’t have a ton of time to spend working out. We moms have a ton on our plates already. School, activities, mealtimes, etc. leave us feeling drained. So, for many, the idea of carving out a large chunk of time for exercise can cause us to shut down and just…not do it! She appreciates the short workouts she can fit into her day, yet, she also says she works up quite a sweat and is surprised that a home workout can get her that pumped up! (Yes, girl! I’m warning y’all now, that you’re not getting off easy with this program! But I promise it’s worth it!)

Postpartum diets

As for diet, Aodhain appreciates that she gets meal plans and ideas that are family-friendly. No need to cook separate meals for yourself vs. the rest of your family! This program is tailored specifically for moms. I know you. I know your struggles! 

Aodhain came in not needing to lose much weight, but she did lose 10 pounds initially (within the first 4 weeks!) and was able to keep it off in the two months since. No yo-yo dieting here! 

My Fitness Challenges are not just about weight loss (in fact, many moms join who don’t necessarily have much weight needing to be lost!) It’s about weight loss if needed, sure, but also is about strengthening, gaining the energy to keep up with your kids all day, gaining confidence, healing your body, knowing that you have a community behind you, and making informed eating decisions (which often leads to better health, both physical AND mental!) and more.

More important than losing weight, Aodhain also gained strength, stamina, and energy. She now can keep up with her kids. She gained a community of ladies she can relate to. Her diastasis recti is getting better. And more is yet to come!

Aodhain also gained a community of moms. She loves how involved I am with the community. I do try my best to answer all questions in my Fitness Challenges group! She says it’s like having a 1 on 1 personal coach!

The biggest takeaways

Aodhain states that her biggest takeaway from the program was confidence! THIS is the goal of all my fitness challenges. The aim of the program is not necessarily to “get your body back” or any of that manipulative, deceptive language. YOU have given birth to an actual human being(s), you will have some changes in your body.

Embrace those changes, but, know that some changes, like issues with the abdominal muscles or pelvic floor, don’t need to be permanent or have a negative effect on your life! It’s all about helping you get to your best self! It’s all about regaining your confidence. Knowing you can do it.   

In the end, Aodhain said something that really touched me. She said, “I have never invested in anything more worthwhile than joining the MSL.”

That’s why I do what I do! I’m so glad to provide value to Aodhain, and the other moms in my program! I asked what she would say to those on the fence about joining, Aodhain said, “I felt I had tried them all before but this group is tailored to us women and mummies and we deserve and need special expertise that Nathalia offers! Do it and you will not be disappointed!”

So…ready to lose the weight for good, get your confidence back, strengthen your body, and feel GOOD overall? I’ve done all the research for you, I’ve laid the groundwork, and now it’s just up to you to do the legwork (pun intended!) Stop messing around with fad diets that sometimes do more harm than good.

Don’t restrict yourself to the point you feel guilty over ice cream with your kid. Stop the exercises that might be doing more harm than good to your healing postpartum body.

Curious to learn more? Ready to start your own postpartum fitness journey? Check out our amazing personalized coaching program that helps you look sexy AF, healthier than ever and of course, HAPPY in just 90 days. Learn more here.

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