Krystal’s Testimonial: Proactively Loving Your Body and Preparing for Motherhood (A Personalized Coaching Testimonial)

Proactively Loving Your Body and Preparing for Motherhood through personalized training

This post is about personalized coaching for motherhood. The motto of course is that you shouldn’t wait until you’re drowning to ask for help. Here’s how Krystal, a soon to be mama of twins, managed to stay healthy and confident both before and during her pregnancy. (And you can too!)

You Don’t Have to Wait Until You’re Drowning to Seek Help 

Today I want to bring one of my favorite client testimonials your way! A woman who decided she wanted to invest in her health before, during, and after pregnancy through personalized coaching for motherhood. Her desire to be proactive with her fitness prior to beginning the journey of motherhood is the type of inspiration that I want to help put more of out into the world. As women, we push our own needs to the back of the line.

We do this so often that we think things must get worse before we are allowed to ask for help in making them better. This is not the case! We should not feel guilty for wanting to prepare our minds and bodies for the journey ahead. And as most of us know motherhood is a journey indeed!

Throughout the years I’ve come to realize that there is a false idea that I only work with moms… women who are currently pregnant or have already given birth. FAM, this is so not true!! More often than not women come to me before they even start a family, because they want to be prepared when the time comes. 

Another benefit of working with a coach who will be able to help you before, during and after pregnancy is that you will confidently start your journey knowing your training is going to be prepare you for the journey of pregnancy… even BEFORE pregnancy begins.

I love empowering women during all stages of life! So if this resonates with you, please come along as we dive into Krystal’s coaching experience with yours truly! 

Krystal’s Story 

When Krystal and I began working together she was not yet pregnant. However, she was hoping to become pregnant in the near future. Krystal found me through personalized coaching for motherhood that I offer. 

She wanted help in nipping some unhealthy habits in the bud before beginning her journey into motherhood. Krystal admitted that her relationship with food was very unhealthy. She explained that her entire day revolved around food. Krystal also stated that she struggled with the extremes of dieting vs. living life. Explaining that often she obsessed over thoughts that tied in with food. She would bounce between being extremely strict on herself to a vicious binging cycle. What really spoke to me is when she explained how distraught she would become if there was a chance to an upcoming social gathering affecting her progress. 

“God forbid family or friends ask me out to dinner or over for a party. That would cause a total meltdown for me, how was I going to count my macros? What if I go over calories? Should I bring my food scale, is that weird? Sometimes I would say no because I couldn’t trust myself around food. And I was so strict on myself that if I had an opportunity for a burger or for some fries it would be all over. I kept myself away from social interactions that may have food because I deprived myself of so much that when I had a chance to let loose, I REALLY let loose.”   -Krystal 

Krystal and her husband during her journey through personalized coaching for motherhood

I kept myself away from social interactions that may have food because I deprived myself of so much that when I had a chance to let loose, I REALLY let loose.” – Krystal

While she described herself as an average size woman, she knew that if she couldn’t maintain a healthy lifestyle now… she was going to struggle even more throughout the transitions of pregnancy and postpartum. Krystal knew she could not keep going in circles with her nutrition and fitness. Explaining that she felt that she needed to break old habits now. Not wanting to take those poor habits into her pregnancy with her. She specifically stated that she did not want to suffer from binge eating during pregnancy. She was already self-conscious at this stage. The thought of gaining too much weight during pregnancy was extremely scary for her.

How many of you can relate? While these thoughts are on the minds of many women pre-pregnancy, a large majority of them believe that they will figure it out on their own along the way. And while some do, others find themselves never addressing the issues and then struggling heavily with even more self-consciousness during the postpartum stage. This is exactly why I want to put this testimonial out into the world!!

In my time of working with Krystal, we have focused on finding a balance between a healthy lifestyle and living life. We worked diligently on improving her relationship with food, as well as improving on her “all or nothing” mentality. She now has the knowledge and tools under her belt to create healthy fitness routines rather than throwing out the entire day over a sweet treat. Krystal has poured consistency into her workouts and has now moved up in her physical strength and the weights she is able to lift. She explained that she is feeling stronger and more confident than ever!

Krystal and her husband on their wedding day

“I feel so empowered, I can do anything I put myself to. My body can perform outside its comfort zone.” -Krystal 

During our reflection interview, she explained that she has learned how to count macros properly, as well as how to eat out without destroying her progress/making herself feel awful about it. Let me tell you, I absolutely loved hearing that this has been her favorite lesson thus far! In seeing where she first started to where she is now, it seriously makes my heart happy to quote her in saying…

“The balance it has brought me, I know how to eat out with friends and family without stressing. I am so happy to feel so confident in my food choices because Nathalia has educated me so well on how to eat in any situation. I have all the tools and knowledge I need to make good decisions and what to if I don’t make amazing decisions. Because life goes on. People still have birthday parties, we have anniversaries and holidays so being able to go to these events and make smart satisfying decisions has been absolute gold!” -Krystal 

Krystal's journey through personalized coaching for motherhood

And guess what?? I am happy to announce that Krystal is not only more confident than ever, but she is also….wait for it….pregnant with TWINS! She is currently 21 weeks and will soon be a first-time mama to a little boy and little girl! She is still rocking healthy habits! I mean just look at the mental transformation that my girl has made along the way!! Can you say empowering??!!

“I am so strong and confident in my body that I know I’m going to rock this home birth. My midwives are so happy with my physical shape. They are looking forward to my birth because they expect it to be magical and powerful. I have gained so much strength both mentally and physically since I’ve met Nathalia. I am looking forward to bringing my babies into the world with this body we’ve worked so hard on.” -Krystal 

What an honor it has been to become a part of Krystal’s success story!! As for most who have overcome hurdles in life, Krystal is not only proud of her own progress but she believes in giving back to those who are where she once was. When I asked her what words of wisdom would she have to offer for women that have a similar mindset to her’s in the past or what she would say to women would are on the fence about investing in personalized coaching, this is the advice she had to offer: 

Krystal’s Advice to other mama’s

“I would tell them that you get what you pay for. Not all trainers are the same. Nathalia is the 3rd trainer I’ve worked with and only she has delivered results. We all wish we could have done it right the first time and with Nathalia, you will. Don’t waste your time. The bottom line is Nathalia provides guidance and knowledge I’ve not found on google or in other trainers. Not to mention she’s super fun to work with. I look forward to our sessions, I am always excited to see what she has in store for me! If you want to make the change, take control of your life, your mind, and your body Nathalia will show you how to do that. If you can’t do it on your own like me, you will be able to do it with her.” -Krystal 

Krystal was eager to put her story out into the world! So many women need to hear more stories such as these! Women need to know that they are not alone in the vicious extreme dieting then binge eating cycles. They need to know that they are not alone in building a stronger, wiser version of themselves. We need to know that confidence and strength are possible during all stages of life. And guess what you are not alone in getting there! I am here for you ladies.

Want to try personalized coaching for motherhood?

Seriously, reach out, and let’s chat about your personal goals! Let’s dig deep about where you are where you want to be! If you’d like to find out more apply to my personalized coaching for motherhood experience HERE.

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