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How Soon After Birth Can You Start Working Out?

In this post I’m sharing how to begin working out after giving birth. I know you probably have a lot of questions about postpartum exercise. I’m hoping to answer those questions for you today. If you have additional questions about working out after giving birth, please email me at [email protected]  Your Questions About Working Out […]

5 Reasons Why Pregnant Moms Should Try Prenatal Yoga

In this week’s post I have a very special guest talking about why pregnant moms should try prenatal yoga. Yoga has a world of benefits, especially for expecting moms. Learn more with the Mother Strong League’s own Yogi, Sarah Shiplett. Sarah Shiplett is the yoga instructor who helps the members of the Mother Strong League […]

34 Products Fit Moms Will Love (Perfect for Holidays)

In this post I am sharing 34 Products Fit Moms Will Love for the holidays! Ready to get shopping? Me too! Christmas is that time of the year where we look forward to the celebration, the food, and the gathering with friends and family… and, although I am not really sure how much gathering we […]

6 Practical Tips for Maintaining Your Fitness Goals

In this post I am going to be sharing Practical Tips for Maintaining Your Fitness Goals. Whether you’re trying to lose or maintain your weight, this guide will help you. This is especially important when life comes crashing down and it seems we just can’t do anything right… Calling it as I see it… Okay, […]

4 Tips for a Fit & Healthy Pregnancy

In this post, I’m going to be sharing 4 tips for a fit and healthy pregnancy. Understanding how to train safely and stay fit while you’re pregnant can be scary… luckily I’m taking out all the guesswork. I still remember the day I found out I was pregnant for the first time. I was coming […]

Can You Lose Weight During Pregnancy?

In this post I’m sharing answers to one of the most asked questions I get: Can You Lose Weight During Pregnancy? It’s alright if you’re asking this question to! It’s totally understandable, there’s plenty of answers out there online, but as a pre and postnatal certified trainer, I hope you know that you can always […]

Pregnancy Workouts: Can I Gain Muscle During Pregnancy?

pregnancy workout

Let’s talk about pregnancy workouts. I know you came here to find out if muscle CAN be gained during pregnancy. But let’s start at the beginning. The correct question is actually this: “Is it SAFE to gain muscle during pregnancy?” I know, I know…you’re probably tired of people telling you that everything’s unsafe during pregnancy. […]

All You Need to Know About Loving Your Body During Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with many changes, not all of them welcome. We talk a lot about fitness and getting back in shape here, but what about those bodily changes you can’t help while pregnant? You put on weight fairly quickly. And the most obvious change: your belly grows, and while many women welcome this change, for […]

Understanding Cellulite During Pregnancy

Understanding Cellulite During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of change, but not all of that change is welcome! Among the unwanted changes many women experience is the development or worsening of cellulite. There are several reasons why pregnancy is so conducive to the development of cellulite. But the good news is that the cellulite you develop is entirely possible […]

6 Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

Exercise is vital for your wellbeing, especially during pregnancy.  From decreasing discomfort to improving sleep, there are plenty of advantages to training while you’re pregnant. While keeping active is usually recommended, it is advisable to check with your health care professional first. If you have been cleared by your healthcare professional and you don’t feel […]