A Busy Mom’s Secret to A More Fulfilling Life (A 21 Day Mini Shred Testimonial)

In this post I’m going to be sharing a Busy Mom’s Secret to A More Fulfilling Life! This is a story of Hali, an amazing mama from my 21 Day Shred. 

Hello and happy New Year’s Fam! I am so excited to kick off this new year with a banging success story! You know I love keeping it real with you! So today I thought I would do just that with a one-on-one interview. A mom who has found a new wave of energy all while chasing her three little ones.

One Busy Mom’s Secret to A More Fulfilling Life

I’ll be shedding some light on her personal experience in completing one of my new programs! As well as highlighting tips and insight that she gained along the way. Without further adieu, I would like to introduce you to Hali!

Hali’s Back Story 

About four years ago, Hali and her husband Cameron made a drastic move from Ohio to Calgary, Alberta Canada. Hali’s husband was a former race car driver in the NASCAR Camping World Truck series. However, once he stopped racing, the couple had to decide to move to Canada or not so he could work for his family business. 

“To say they keep us busy is an understatement!” -Hali  

Hali’s life is now filled with giggles and glitter! As she is now the stay-at-home mom of three girls with ages ranging from 4 years to 4 months. Along with chasing little pigtails on the daily, Hali also runs an Etsy shop on the side. It’s obvious that Hali is one busy mom who needs whatever additional energy she can get her hands on!

Hali opened up to me about her life before starting my new program and what small changes opened her own eyes to the bigger changes ahead. She explained that she felt so busy with the girls, but had no real fitness routine. She expressed that she tried watching what she ate, but she felt the main things she loved  (coffee and sugar) were just a roadblock to losing any weight. But she soon realized that even small compromises could make a big difference. She told me a cute little story of her coming home from visiting her parents in Ohio.

She explained that her family then had to quarantine for 2 weeks afterward. This led to her mother-in-law bringing them groceries. Her mother-in-law brought her sugar-free coffee creamer (now remember this was previously a deal-breaker for Hali) and while she didn’t think it would taste very good, she exclaimed it really wasn’t that bad! As a matter of fact, since she couldn’t go out and buy her sugar-filled creamer, she actually lost 2 lbs in 2 weeks! So in return, that got her to thinking…

“What else could I do to get this weight off??” 

Hali told me that she was never big into fitness growing up. She admitted that since she was naturally slim, fitness routines didn’t grab her attention much in the beginning. She stayed busy with other hobbies such as showing Tennessee Walking Horses. But after high school, she did find herself dabbling in fitness. She joined a fitness team that specialized in bodybuilding competitions.

Hali even had a letter of acceptance to compete in the Arnold Classic Bikini Competition in 2013, but life and medical issues got in the way, therefore she was not able to compete. From there Hali spent some time working in the fitness industry. 

“I was a personal trainer for 2 years as well before getting out of the fitness industry. I have been following Nathalia ever since I started to prep for the Arnold back then!” -Hali  

 That’s great and all but Nathalia…

I know, I know I’m getting there! How can you relate to this woman? Why did Hali join my program?? Here’s why! Now you’ll see that Hali is just like so many other moms in our struggle to love ourselves and stay healthy. I just wanted to open your eyes..no matter the lifestyle, body shape or experience in fitness… there comes a point that most of us struggle with!

“My struggle before joining was insecurity. I was always known as the “skinny girl”. Growing up I never even thought about body image that much, but having two kids in 2.5 years took a toll on my body and I was mentally struggling with motivation to actually work out and get this baby weight off, have energy and of course look good for my husband (even though he tells me I look great no matter what), it was all mental for me.”

“Two kids in two years, I felt like I had been pregnant for a solid two years and my body never got the chance to even try and lose weight. I had some prepartum depression with all three kids so the thought of working out while pregnant or between pregnancies was non-existent. I was in the mindset that I might as well just keep eating what I like because I am going to gain weight anyway and once I am done having kids I can work out and lose it later.” 



“One of the main reasons I wanted to join Nathalia’s program was the fact that she has the experience, knowledge, and specific workouts that focus on the postpartum PELVIC FLOOR! After having my 3rd kid, I had some uterine prolapse that just freaked me the heck out I had been researching things to do to help. 

It was terrifying and depressing. I kept asking myself why did my body let me down?” 

“A lot of trainers say they understand postpartum bodies and how to train them, but the truth is they don’t. You can’t just do a million crunches and think your pelvic floor will get better. Besides Nathalia being a mom and former Olympian and someone I loved watching competes. Then the fact she TRULY knows her stuff when it comes to postpartum and pelvic floor issues was why I was confident that I would like her programs!” 

With that being said, my girl committed to 21 Days of hard work and knocked it out of the park! 

Hali has lost a solid 6 pounds in just the first 21 days through her new healthy routines. She is loving her body and the amount of energy she has gained! She explained that her results and the progress motivated her so much that it kept her pushing through the program all the way to the end, simply because she loved what she was seeing and how she was feeling. 

Hali claimed that her biggest win started by simply getting off the couch and doing the workouts. She stated that the nutrition changes were an added bonus! Of course, losing the weight was an even bigger bonus, but her energy and mental thinking were 100% better than before starting this program. She went even further to say that she learned that working out, in general, is something SHE CAN CONTROL. Explaining that even during this crazy pandemic, it gave her a type of normalcy and control that showed her she was able to change herself. By controlling workouts, eating, and how she handled everything mentally. She explained that everything going on in the world and being broadcasted on TV made her feel so out of control. So she found great comfort in having something that she could actually control and have full say-so over. 

For anyone that is on the fence, Hali’s biggest piece of advice was to SIMPLY JUST START! She said she would tell any woman to simply take it one day at a time. She explained that you have to keep the fun element while meeting your goals.

“Taking lots of pictures for progress pictures is fun, take videos of you working out, etc. it’s just fun!” -Hali 


EKKK! I am totally fangirling here! Words can not begin to really explain how happy it makes me do these interviews! I absolutely adore it when I can feel the positive vibrations coming off my clients. To know that they feel so much better on the inside and they love the way their outer appearance is changing is so golden for me! To hear all these beautiful women investing in themselves, and…wait for it..to know that I get to be a part of the reason they love themselves a little deeper! I just LOVE it!

We are gearing up for a new year and a new level! If you are ready to find your new wave of energy and love the way you look and feel, I have a special invite for you! Come join the 28 Day Tone & Sculpt so you too can get amazing results like this and be our next success story!

Come on girl what are you waiting for? Let’s crank up that new energy and get to investing you in mama! Wanna learn more about some of the free programs I have to offer too? Click HERE for freebies! 

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