5 Reasons Why You’re Regaining Weight After Losing It (And What to Do Instead)

Are you tired of regaining weight after losing it? Again… and again… I get it because I have been there! I used to regain weight all the time after losing it. And it took me years to learn why that was happening, and what to do instead! Now I’m going to be sharing 5 reasons why you’re regaining weight after losing it. 

5 Reasons Why You’re Regaining Weight After Losing It (And What to Do Instead)

Are You Frustrated Yet? Finally Ready?

So how many times have you chosen to begin “losing weight” to only begin again, and again and again? How many “beginnings” will it take before you finally ask yourself WHY? Why isn’t it working and why do I have to continue to start over? Let’s dissect some possible reasons, shall we?


You are always looking for a quick fix! 

You are always looking for the easiest way possible to shed the weight. Is it the magic pill you think you’ve found? Or how about that new injection all the doctors are raving about? OOOOH and please let’s not forget all the detox teas and drinks and sippy cup additives that taste oh so good and will help to just melt away the pounds. 

Wait, wait, I also forgot about juicing! Yes, juice cleanses that range anywhere from 1-7 days with no actual chewable food. How could I have forgotten all about those (SMDH)…

Does reading it in words help to put into perspective how absolutely crazy these concepts are? Instead of looking at the colorful fluff that surrounds the advertisements and marketing schemes on social media. Does it seem realistic that these are actually sustainable ways of life that offer long-term results that can be actually sustained? Please confirm that you’re thinking “hell no” inside your head while shaking it to yourself… thank you! 

When we look to live off of a pill or drink, when will real-life creep back in where you’re now binging on all the foods you’ve denied yourself while “detoxing” and dieting? And the weight then just comes right back, yet again…


So let’s compound on sustainability and longevity with your choice in “lifestyle.” The word sustainable literally translates to “able to maintain” which means you’ll be able to live day in and day out adhering to it. Do any of the options I spoke to in #1 sound like a viable options now? And you are probably saying, well these are just the catalyst to then working into… into what?? 

Your foundation for weight loss possibly… well… sucks! (We’re fans of tough love around here) Your plan of attack does not include any viable plan and therefore at step 1 you fail…and let’s always remember, “failure to plan is planning to fail!” You need to be realistic in your expectations and create a true plan of how you’re going to achieve a life of living! 


And now we jump into the entire concept of patience, hold onto your hat honey because this is going to be a tough bite to swallow! 

Once again, we are all so quick to jump, headfirst into what seems like a miracle. We do not actually take a single moment to think things through before committing ourselves. All we think is, “ooh, shiny, sparkly, she says you’ll lose 10lbs your first day, it must be true!” Well didn’t you ever hear, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is? That is exactly what happens with all those quick fixes that are completely sold to those who don’t see past the moment. 

When discussing life in general, there is this motto I live by, NOW, “Practice the Pause.” We need to all incorporate a little more patience and a little more rational thoughts into our daily lives and truly understand what is needed to achieve greatness in all facets of life.  And patience is one of the heavy hitters! When you jump the gun, what happens? Disqualification. You immediately lose period, the end. So let’s adjust your focus.


So now let’s explore what your daily life encompasses that may dictate why your results are never long-term. Are you truly willing to change your daily routine? Or are you so thick-headed, that you think your way is the best way? Yeah well, how’s that working out for ya? 

Not so much, right? Because here we are back to square one, with the weight right back to where it was, if not a few extra pounds on top. 

Why? Because most people are unwilling to make the changes as needed to their day-to-day.

 You have to invest in the concept of “lifestyle,” and once you do, the rest does truly fall into place. So what I always ask, is to give yourself 10-14 days of true changes, simple changes, (e.g. drink 2 more bottles of water a day, use natural sweeteners, eat 1-2 more servings of fruits and vegetables a day, try a protein shake with veggies if you don’t like them normally, etc…). And each day just pick one from the list provided and add another each day and see how it works out for you. Then we continue to build from there.

This is where #3 comes back into play, yet again. Patience, it takes a moment or two more a day of patience and the want to TRY to make things truly happen. 

And then we get to…


When you truly want something, you find the way, but not the quick and easy way. When you really don’t want to, you don’t. It really is that simple! People try to say it’s not that easy. Oh, but it is. When you want something, you invest in the idea and you plan accordingly and you make it happen. When you really don’t want something, you let it ride and just keep coming up with excuse after excuse after excuse. And then you paint this pretty little picture that explains to everyone around you and convince yourself it really is why it’s not working. 

So you can continually tell me and everyone around you, and YOURSELF, that you do want it, but then if you did, you wouldn’t continue to fall back into the same place you were every single time. 

So what do you do when #1 & #2 are the struggles? You need to sit back, take a deep breath and realize, you know your #3 (Patience) is the main issue. And with that, your #4 (Habits) and #5 (Your Wants) will have to take over and create the plan of attack. Every single reason I touch on needs to be in alignment with themselves in order to truly achieve success in your weight loss goals that will stand the test of time. And once those simple daily habits and routines change because you truly WANT it, the rest falls into place. 

Honesty with yourself is the first step, and until you can be real with yourself, you will never be able to achieve the desired results in all aspects of your life. 

Live by the K.I.S.S Method… (K)eep (I)t (S)imple (S)tupid

Stop allowing the nonsense to cloud and get down to the nitty-gritty of yourself, your truly honest and naked self! It’s about YOU! 

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