Fall Activities for the Whole Family

6 Fall Activities for the Whole Family

Are you ready for summer to end? Did you make some great memories with your family this year? Was it hard to say goodbye to the summer outdoor activities? The good news is you don’t have to stop having fun just because fall is here. Keep your family active with fall activities for the whole family!

Sure, you might not find yourself in your bathing suit heading down to the pool or the beach this fall. However, this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the outdoors. Get active with your family now before winter gets here and puts a stop to those fall activities.

Fall Activities for the Whole Family

Whether you enjoy rugged or simple outdoor activities, fall is the perfect time to get active with family! Find the best active family things to do in your area and engage in fall activities for the whole family. Make sure to take pictures to relive the memories you will make this fall!

1. Go Apple Picking

Take some time on a weekend and find local apple farms for you and your family to enjoy. Apple picking season is best during the fall for U.S. and Canada.

When taking a trip to an apple farm, make it a fun event! Plan to have a picnic while you’re out. And don’t forget about the other active family things you can do while you are there. Take part in the other fall activities that are available at the apple farms, such as animal petting stations or enjoy some delicious food you can’t get anywhere else.

Apple picking is a fun activity all on its own. Make it a fun race with your family to see who can pick the most apples. You’ll have so much fun, maybe this will become a family tradition!

2. Family Camping Trip

The great outdoors is the perfect place to enjoy the changing of the seasons. Once the weather isn’t so hot and feels just right, a family camping trip could be just what you need to reset.

Imagine roasting marshmallows by the campfire snuggled in a blanket with your family and drinking some hot chocolate. What a sight! These are great activities for the whole family! Who doesn’t like a night under the stars and making lasting memories?

While on your family camping trip, don’t forget to look for active family things to do! Each campsite has their own unique experiences. Therefore, take advantage of what makes your area special and explore its possibilities with your family.

3. Take Nature Walks/Hikes

You may want to include this one on your family camping trip as well! Even if you aren’t a camper, taking nature walks or hikes are great ways to get active with the family.

Not only do nature walks help relieve stress, trees, plants, sunlight, and water have been said to absorb negative energy, according to Psychology Today. No wonder why we feel so relaxed after a good walk!

Ask others for recommendations for the best hiking trails in your area for you and your family to explore. Bask in the final days of warmth before winter comes and watch as the leaves change colors along the nature trails. Study the streams or rivers and take in all that nature has to offer. You won’t be sorry that you and your family spent a day with nature!

4. Visit a Pumpkin Patch and Take a Hayride

Pumpkin patch visits are one of the most common fun fall activities for the whole family. Little ones can get a glimpse into the traditions of pumpkin picking, seasonal treats, corn mazes, and hayrides!

It isn’t too difficult to find activities for the whole family when at a pumpkin patch. Adults can make their way over to taste the seasonal craft brews and indulge in some delicious foods. Additionally, children of all ages have something to look forward to during each trip.

Did we mention the hayrides?! Of course, a classic hayride around the pumpkin patch yields endless fun. The bonus of the hayride is being able to stop and pick your own pumpkin. Get active with family and challenge each other to see who can find and carry the biggest pumpkin!

5. Find a New Park

On our list of active family things to do this fall, there is the classic day at the park. We all know how much children love going to the park so why not spend a day exploring a new park and staying active?

Pack a lunch to enjoy on some park benches together or take a blanket and dine picnic style. Grab a ball to kick around in the grass, play hide-n-seek, and relax while gazing up at the clouds. It doesn’t get much more perfect than that!

6. Explore Your City for Fall Fest Activities

Many cities invite their community to several fall activities for the whole family. Explore your city’s downtown area for some farmers’ market finds, parades, pumpkin carving contests, and so much more!

Additionally, several cities across the U.S. host their own special fall festival events that are notorious for celebrating the fall season just right. Check out some of the best fall festivals and find some that would benefit your family to attend!

How Will You Get Active with Family this Fall?

What fall activities do you enjoy participating in? Do you have any recommendations for other fall activities for the whole family to enjoy? I’d love to hear what you do with your family to get outside before the winter hits. 

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