34 Products Fit Moms Will Love (Perfect for Holidays)

In this post I am sharing 34 Products Fit Moms Will Love for the holidays! Ready to get shopping? Me too!

Christmas is that time of the year where we look forward to the celebration, the food, and the gathering with friends and family… and, although I am not really sure how much gathering we will be having this year, Christmas is still the most wonderful time of the year!

The gift exchange is also a huge part of our holiday celebration and many times I see women expecting their significant other to just know what they want for Christmas, but the reality is that many times taking this route might result in disappointment.

Take for instance the one time my now husband (then boyfriend) gifted me an expired calendar! Yup, you read that right. He gave me a calendar from the previous year, and needless to say ever since then I send him very specific instructions on what I want.

So, whether you are in need of ideas to buy a gift for a loved one or you want some ideas on what to request for yourself, I have put together this thorough list with my favorite fitness items and hopefully you like them too!

Most of them can be found on Amazon, which means you can order on Prime and still get it on time for Christmas! #winning

So, let’s get started and see what has made my list this year:

1. Fitness Clothes

I just recently did a poll in my online community and nearly 100% of the ladies said that workout clothes were in their Christmas list this year, so I am starting this list with what the ladies want! My go to brand for workout clothes is Better Bodies  My favorite leggings from them are the Roxy- HERE and the Seamless Mesh tank is AMAZING. See it HERE.

2. Sneakers 

I am obsessed with shoes, so obsessed that a friend once nicknamed me ‘’Sporty Centipede’’.  Here are my favorites:

I love Metcons and VivoBarefoot to lift. 

3.  Resistance Bands 

These have been a staple for me and all my clients, especially this year with lockdown and having to train from home. Bands are super versatile and easy to carry in case you travel a lot. 

4. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are a crucial part of a home gym. 

5. Self Cleaning Water Bottle

I have never owned one, but know a few people who have and they love it!

6. Booty Bands

Another staple for home and gym workouts. 

7. Spinning Bike 

I love spinning and have a spinning bike in my home gym, here are a few of the spinning bikes available.

  • Peloton – I don’t think peloton needs an introduction, it has boomed especially this year with so many resorting to home workouts even after lockdowns were lifted. They do come with a hefty price tag.
  • Nordic Track- Nordic track is another option if you don’t want to jump on the Peloton bandwagon

8. Hip Thruster Machine Compact

Hip Thrusts are a staple movement to growing the booty, but the original hip thruster machine might be a bit too bulky for some if space is limited in your home gym. Check out this compact version of the Hip Thruster HERE

9. Smartwatch 

I don’t think smartwatches need introductions. Here are 2 fan favorites:

10. Oura Ring

This is actually going to be my Christmas gift this year. I have been hearing a lot of positive things about the Oura ring and how it tracks a lot of things that smartwatches don’t, so I have decided to add this one to my own list. I will give my personal feedback once I get mine and start wearing it.

11. Gym Bag

A good gym bag is absolutely essential! This better Bodies bag is my go to and I have had mine for at least 5 years and it looks brand new.

12. Lifting Grips

I am OBSESSED with lifting grips and wear them every day as I feel they really help me to lift more weights. There is a known brand that has a similar type of grips, but I personally have these less expensive ones and they do the same job. 

13. Suspension Training

A suspension training system is a great addition to a home gym, especially as it does not take a lot of space.

14. Wedding Band Protector– 

I know most people just wear the rubber wedding bands, but I actually wear my wedding band and ring when I workout because I am afraid I will misplace it and never find it. So, this band protector is a great alternative for the ladies who also workout with their wedding bands. 

15. Yoga Mat 

I asked my friends who are yoga instructors and it was a tie between the Manduka and the Lululemon yoga mats. I personally own the Lululemon one and really like it.

16. Jump Box

This jump box from resilite is INCREDIBLE! I have one and I use it for EVERYTHING! The quality is unreal. 

I couldn’t recommend this enough.

17. Fanny Pack/Running Belt 

With all the new things we now have to bring to the gym, a fanny pack/running belt sounds perfect to put your mask and hand sanitizer. 

18. Massage Gun  

The Hypervolt massage gun was actually recommended to my husband by a very successful and knowledgeable massage therapist who works with a lot of elite athletes. So, this one is actually on my husband’s gift list this year, and I will be able to give more feedback once we start using it.

19. Beats Headphones 

I have been using Beats for as long as I can remember, and I have nothing negative to say about it! The battery life is perfect, it stays in place, the sound is good! Highly recommend it!

20. Protector for Beats

This is cool for the ladies, especially if you wear a bit of make up to work out and the make up starts to transfer to the fabric of your Beats. This one is on my gift list this year as well.

Books Products Fit Moms Will Love

21. Atomic Habits Book 

A great book about breaking bad habits and creating new positive ones.

22. Fat Loss Forever

Layne Norton and Peter Baker really delivered on this book! The information is super easy to digest and put into practice.

23. Strong And Sculpted 

Brad Schoendfeld is one of the most respected researches on muscle hypertrophy, so if you want to learn a thing or two about building muscle… this is the book for you. 

24. The Ultimate Guide to Body Recomposition

Chris Barakat is a researcher and Adjunct professor at the University of Tampa and incredibly knowledgeable about body recomposition. I am actually reading this guide right now, and loving it.

Fitness Guidance Products Fit Moms Will Love

25. 28 Day Tone & Sculpt

The 28 Day Tone & Sculpt is the program you need to get you back on track and lose up to 10lbs while toning up and learning how to not only lose the weight, but keep it off! 

26. Pregnancy Workout and Nutrition Guidance

If you are pregnant, the 4 Weeks Shed & Shred might not be for you, but the Mother Strong League caters to expectant mothers with challenging and safe workout routines and Nutritional guidance that will suit each stage of pregnancy.  Plus we also have prenatal yoga classes on demand, Live Coaching, Monthly playlists, and much more!

Self Care Products Fit Moms Will Love

27. Manicure +  Pedicure Gift voucher

Most women love getting pampered and getting their nails done, so this is definitely a gift you cant go wrong with.

28. Massage gift voucher

If it is in a spa with the whole experience included… even better! 

29. CBD Bath Bombs 

We love CBD bath bombs in my house, and they are definitely a stocking filler in our house

30. Dry Shampoo

Every fit chick is obsessed with dry shampoo because we don’t have the time to be washing our hair everyday after a workout. Dry shampoos are life savers and a great stocking fillers too!

31. Bum Bum Lotion 

This lotion smells AMAZING! I am obsessed. Every time I wear it I get asked what my perfume is, and what I love about it is that it actually hydrates the skin.


32. Beauty Bum

Beauty Bum is a toning lotion, and it has really helped with the appearance of my skin on the back of my legs. My favorite scent is the Bubble gum.

Everyday Help

33. Air Fryer 

We have this Ninja air fryer and it is the most used appliance in our kitchen! This specific one is a pressure cooker, slow cooker and airfryer.  We cook everything in it: chicken, salmon, potato, steak, pork… literally everything goes in it because it is so quick and you don’t need any oil. 

34. Food Subscription Box

We were given a Hello Fresh box by a friend once, and I was REALLY impressed at how easy and delicious it was! We paused our membership, but I think we are going to reactivate it in the new year because sometimes it gets exhausting to think about what to make for dinner. 

And there you have it! 34 Products Fit Moms Will Love for the holidays! Who are you shopping for this year? Need some free stocking stuffers? Check out my totally FREE programs HERE.

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