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How I Met My Husband: The Untold Story

In this post and video, I am sharing how I met my husband! While he didn’t want to be in the video with me, I was still able to bring him there in spirit! Wondering what I mean? Watch the video to find out 👇🏻.

I get asked A LOT how I met my husband. For those wondering, and those who didn’t know, I am from Brazil! But I have lived in Florida and my husband is from Northern Ireland and was living in England. Whenever people find out about us they are always a bit like… uh??? How??? When??? 

(even though I couldn’t get my husband to do the video with me he is there in spirit)

Here’s the back story! 

Back when I was doing competitions, I was also bartending in Fort Lauderdale (believe me, a story for another day!) and at the time, a total BABE walked into the bar one night with all his friends. I served them the whole night and he didn’t even look at me… not once… 

The night ended… he left and I figured that was that… ????‍♀️

About two weeks later some guy slides into my DMs on Facebook (this is about 2010-2011 so it was still before social media was really a thing). I couldn’t see any of his profiles except his profile picture (which was NOT something that would encourage anyone to answer, as you will see in the video)… but, something told me I should answer that message, regardless of how creepy that profile picture was. 

He asked if I was the woman working at the bar the other night and I immediately felt that it was the guy from the bar; and,  from that message we ended up speaking online every day for several months. 

Come May, I told him I was going to Italy and Egypt with my mom and I asked him if he would want to come to Italy and meet up. It was yes! I could NOT believe it but he told me he was going to come to Italy to see me. All I had to do was pick him up from the airport.

Which let me tell you, I was completely late! I showed up at the airport about 45 minutes late… hoping I could remember what he looked like. I’d really only met him one time, in the bar when I was quite busy. 

There he was though, the poor guy after nearly an hour of waiting for me. And we ended up having an amazing time together in Italy. So after we both went our separate ways, I was back in Fort Lauderdale when he told me he wanted to come to Florida to stay with me for a while. 

I remember jokingly telling my friends that if I didn’t want to kill him after the first week then I was going to marry this guy!

From those 3 weeks, he spent with me in Fort Lauderdale we ended up in a long-distance relationship for 2 and a half years. With me living in Fort Lauderdale and him living in England playing rugby.

But if you’ve been in a long-distance relationship then you know that at some point, you’ve got to do something different. Someone’s got to make a move, otherwise, it’s just not going to last. I ended up moving to Northern Ireland where he was playing rugby.

Flash forward 9 years, 2 kids, and one big move to Texas later and the rest is history… 

The big takeaways from our relationship which I love to share are that:
  1. Your person is always out there.
  2. The most, most important thing in any relationship is to have trust in each other. 

I hope this video inspires you in your relationship… or if you aren’t in a relationship then I hope it reminds you that your person is out there and you will find them!

To catch the full story, watch the video above

A lot of people had asked how we met. I thought creating a video was the perfect way to share our little love story. I hope you enjoyed it and as always, I hope you’ll subscribe and come back for more stories, workouts and a little of my crazy parenting advice! 

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