yo-yo diet

The Truth About What Yo-Yo Dieting Actually Does to Your Body

Here’s the truth about yo-yo dieting… and what you should be doing instead! I’m not a fan of sugar coating the important things in life. And knowing the truth about yo-yo dieting and what it does to your body – is SO important.  The Truth About Yo-Yo Dieting If you’re like most moms, there’s been…

pregnancy workout

Pregnancy Workouts: Can I Gain Muscle During Pregnancy?

In this post, I’m talking about pregnancy workouts, and more importantly, I’m answering a question I get ALL.THE.TIME. That question is: Can I gain muscle during pregnancy? As a pre and postnatal coach I have spent a lot of my life studying women’s bodies, working out and pregnancy fitness. I hope this post helps shed…

conceive baby

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Trying To Conceive

Although I’d love to take full ownership of these 5 tips, I have to give credit where credit’s due. Just recently, I interviewed OB-GYN Dr. Christine Sterling for the expert corner of the Mother Strong League, our workout and nutrition program specifically tailored to moms. (Currently, our doors are closed, but you can sign up…

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