4 Weeks To Fit Interview With Candace Mack

4 weeks to fit

My conversation with Candace Mack, who, at the time of the interview, was in the midst of her 4 Weeks to Fit Challenge.

I can tell you until my face turns blue about how much I believe in the program because it works for me! But in this interview, you’ll get to hear Candace talk about just how different my program, The 4 Weeks to Fit, is from the perspective of someone who’s been transformed by it.

We chat about her journey to finding a love for exercise. How her workout time has become something she looks forward to instead of dreading it like a punishment.

Self-love people…it’s such a big part of what I preach.

You’ll hear her talk about how this challenge caused her to lose the weight she’s been struggling with. And hear about how it completely changing her relationship with food.

This is my passion, seeing how my program completely changes people’s relationships with, and ideas about, diet and exercise.

LET’S ALL ADMIT, we’ve been told that sugar is sin, dairy is the devil and wine is evil.

AND I’m like….no! Have your wine, cookie or cake (and eat it too) and check out our conversation.

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