Girl…Go Squat And Ask For Help!

What They Think

This past week, one of the ladies in my 4 Weeks to Fit Challenge posted in our closed Facebook group about how impressed she was by my ability to multitask! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

Girl, thanks…but NO!

Lemme be very honest here and rewind a week, so you can see where I’ve really been.

But Let’s Be Real

A week prior to reading that comment, I got sick. That meant I had to skip the gym for a few days. When I got back, I wasn’t able to train at the intensity I normally do. And that lack of exercise, poor sleep, and still feeling a little sick REALLY took a toll on my mental and emotional health.

There was one day last week when I literally LOST. MY. SHIT. I walked home with the kids, who’d been whining for a couple of hours on and off (those terrible twos and threes in full swing). And as I walked in, I saw my husband in the kitchen…and I immediately burst out crying. I literally could not take another second of that whining and overwhelm!

The poor man had NO IDEA what was going on. But at that time, I just wanted a hug—and for someone to tell me that everything was going to be ok. And that’s exactly what he did. That’s when I finally did what most moms are reluctant to do: I asked for help!

As moms, we normally want to do everything our way—because nobody does it better! (Sound familiar? LOL)

Don’t get me wrong: my husband is VERY involved in the upbringing of our kids. But I still struggle to tell him when I’ve had enough…or to let him know when I’m very close to a mental breakdown.

We have our kids full-time—meaning no preschool or daycare yet (we’re anxiously waiting for August when they’ll be at preschool twice a week!). We also have no nearby family to come to the rescue when things get tough. And both of us are fortunate enough to have our own businesses, which allows us to make our own schedule…but those businesses are like extra children that need loving and nurturing too.

A Good Workout Helps

Today, I went to the gym and was able to train a bit more intensely…and boy, did I feel unstoppable!

Lip-synching, head wobble, footwork…and I even tried a few dance moves in between sets (just me?… hmmmkay then!). By the time I left the gym, I felt ready to take over the world!

You see, lots of people associate exercising with the “physical return” you get from it…but in my humble opinion, it goes waaaay beyond that!

The gym is one of the very few places where I feel like I’m in total control, where things go according to plan (for the most part), and most importantly where I get to spend time doing something that’s a core part of my life, something that defines who I am. In the gym, I’m not mom, a business owner, or a wife…I’m just me!

I am writing a whole blog about this because I know a lot of you might be going through the same thing. Maybe you’re facing overwhelm, tiredness, and loss of control… all while dealing with little people who are just now learning about their feelings.  And I wanted to tell you…everything is going to be ok!

Ask For Help

But as moms, it’s extremely important that we learn how to ask for help. And even more important, we need to sometimes take a step to the side, to find who we truly are and what makes us happy in life. Remember…you can’t give what you don’t have! And that includes your best self and happiness!!

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