The Day I ALMOST got BS’ed – I Now Understand How YOU Feel

The Lies We Hear

It’s no surprise that the internet is a place filled with BS…from “Lose 50 pounds in 2 weeks!” to “Make $1 million in one month!”

These types of crazy claims are constantly thrown in our faces. Luckily, since I’m knowledgeable about weight loss and owning a business, I know straight away that both those claims are not only clickbait BS, but also completely ludicrous as well.

But I’ve always wondered and asked myself if people actually believe those things. And if they do…then what in the world makes them think such ridiculous statements can actually be true?

You see, I’ve always liked to believe most people are smart and well-educated enough to spot a scam…

At least until a few weeks ago, when I FINALLY realized that believing these claims has nothing to do with intelligence, and everything to do with vulnerability and desperation…which so many unethical “professionals” out there will take advantage of without batting an eyelid.

I know you’re probably confused. Maybe you’re even asking yourself: “OMG, has Nathalia fallen for some money scam or MLM scheme?” Well…it was almost worse than that!

Hypothyroidism: Here’s how I almost fell for online BS.

I haven’t spoken publicly about this, but about a year ago Nico (my son) was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which happens when a person has an underactive thyroid. In toddlers, hypothyroidism can carry a series of other things as well, like development delay, speech delay, and growth issues. He’s on medication for it, and we’ve been doing everything we possibly can to make sure he’s getting the help he needs, like speech therapy, development assessment, occupational therapy, and regular blood tests. But sometimes, I can’t help but to feel like I’m failing as a parent.

Despite finding out about his hypothyroidism very early (he was about 18 months), I still constantly ask myself if there’s anything I should or could have paid attention to, anything that maybe could have gotten him an even earlier diagnosis. I’ve been assured by doctors that there isn’t anything I could have done differently…But still, maybe there was. We’ll never know.

My husband and I personally don’t know anyone who has a child with hypothyroidism to ask about their experiences, or to exchange the things we’ve learned along the way. So one day, I thought I’d ask in a mom’s group on FB about other moms’ experiences with their children having hypothyroidism.

That’s when all hell broke loose…

I was seriously desperate for answers, for experiences, for someone to say “I know what you’re going through, and this is how we did it…” But, in reality, I got attacked by online vultures who could smell my vulnerability and desperation.

Someone tried to sell me essential oils—because apparently those cure hypothyroidism. Someone else said I should totally get him to fast for a day and then give him celery juice because he needed to detox his body. And then someone else jumped on that bandwagon to sell me some “detox spray,” because our bodies need to be detoxed from everything, including the air we breathe…Oh yes, and then there was someone else who suggested I take him off of his meds and put him on a natural cure, and then she sent me her affiliate link so I could purchase the natural product.

I KID YOU NOT—this is the feedback I received.

And here’s the insane part: I ALMOST FELL FOR IT!

Me! One of the most skeptical people I know, someone who’s very well versed in research about intermittent fasting and detoxes/cleanses…I nearly fell for the BS!

I was a desperate and vulnerable parent looking for anything that could make my son feel better. I wanted to believe there was something I could do. Thank goodness I regained my senses quickly enough to know that those people didn’t care AT ALL about the wellbeing of my son…They just wanted to make a quick buck out of my vulnerability and desperation.

But I learned a lot

The whole experience was not only extremely humbling but also a great eye-opener. It helped me understand why so many women fall for all those weight loss BS solutions (like “Lose weight fast with my miracle solution!”). But now I do…and I truly want to hold every single one of your hands and tell you that you’re not alone. You truly have my empathy.

These scam artists prey on vulnerability, desperation, and a lack of knowledge in people who just want to feel more confident, be healthier and improve their quality of life.

I’ve never been so determined to educate people about fitness and nutrition and to guide them in the right direction without all the BS.

As of today, this is my mission…more than ever!

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