How This Mom and Former Athlete Was Able to Drop 4 Dress Sizes in 4 Months

This post is about coaching programs that I’ve designed specifically for MOMS. I’m sharing an inspiring story of a mom who, in spite of her previous athletic experience, found herself in desperate need of guidance to find a sustainable way to attain the physique of her dreams! While juggling several moves, 3 kids, and without the extremes, she was used to. This post is the inspiring story of how she was able to drop 4 dress sizes in 4 months, while still eating everything she loves!

Before I introduce Morgan, I want to talk to you about coaching programs designed for moms. If you’re not a mom, you might feel like I’m leaving you out with these programs. But here’s the thing… when I was learning how to be a personal trainer, I was taught everything about fitness, exercise, and various body types. But when it came to postpartum fitness, there was less than a chapter!! I’m a mom. So I KNOW how much your body changes after giving birth. And I’m sorry but that ‘chapter’ did not cover it.

Since then I’ve been determined to learn everything I can about our pregnant and postpartum bodies and turn that into SAFE and EFFECTIVE coaching programs for moms.

But don’t be discouraged! Even if you’re not a mom, or not a mom yet, you can still work with me! Because hun, I am here for you! Helping women and moms is my passion. Like Morgan learned quickly after we started working together.

Alright now onto her story…

How This Mom and Former Athlete Was Able to Drop 4 Dress Sizes in 4 Months (while eating all the foods she loves!)

Meet Morgan, a proud wife of an Air Force Pilot, and a mom to 3 kids ages 15, 13, & 8.

We all know how much having children, a career, a husband, and staying on top of your fitness can be… Now, add several cross-country moves to accommodate the needs of military life. This is what Morgan’s life is like!  

Being physically active was not new to her as she was a hard-core athlete back in college. But after finishing her degree, she no longer had a sport that kept her motivated to stay in shape.

After several years of being inconsistent with her self-paced fitness routine, she found a way to somehow motivate herself to get back on the fitness track… So, after having her second child, she decided to join a bikini competition. She trained for the next 2 years under a coach and stepped on stage looking incredible. 

The problem was that when she was preparing for the competition, she was in a very unrealistic and unsustainable way of living. Very strict diet, countless hours in the gym, and just overall a very rigid lifestyle that was difficult to stick to in the long run. 

Any athlete would know that there’s a certain psychological trigger in joining competitions that just sparks your willpower and keeps you super focused on the goal… but, she soon realized that competition would come at a price.

What Morgan realized

Stepping on stage was a huge accomplishment for Morgan. More than anything, it brought back the athletic vigor that she once had in her college days. 

However, being in a different season in her life, it wasn’t long until she realized that the overly restrictive lifestyle required to keep up with her new sport was practically impossible to sustain as a mom of 2. 

Her body was really struggling to find its new ‘’normal’’ after the extremes the competition preparation took her through, and Morgan really struggled with losing the excess weight. The struggle became even more apparent after having her third baby. 

The only way she knew how to lose weight was by resorting to the extremes that had once worked for her. She quickly realized they were not only incredibly unhealthy but also leading her down a path of a very troubled relationship with food. 

For a clearer picture, her routine would be to binge all the food that she could handle on weekends. And then, because of guilt, she would restrict and over-exercise during the weekdays. Even if you have never done a competition before, if you have done any kind of overly restrictive dieting, you’ll recognize this as the good ol’ yo-yo dieting cycle. 

 ‘’I didn’t know how to have balance. After having my third baby I really struggled with excess weight. And I would restrict myself in an unhealthy way to lose weight. I would end up binging on the weekends and then restricting again and overworking out from the guilt. This plan wasn’t helping me in any way which made me discouraged and not motivated.’’ – Morgan

The button that pushed her to make a decision…

Morgan knew something had to change, but it was when she found herself in a spot she never thought she would be: She couldn’t button her jeans!

The episode was the last straw and the painful awakening that she needed.

Obviously, her “binge-starve” routine turned out to be an epic fail. 

The absence of guidance truly left Morgan in a place she never thought she would be. 

And she very well knew that not fitting into her jeans was just the beginning of something worse if she didn’t do something to change.

All she needed was some direction.

Buying bigger size jeans was not an option for her. 

Just like any athlete, she was sure that she could overcome this hurdle. She was dead set on getting back on the fitness track again

Deciding to get into a fitness program was one thing. But choosing something that was aligned with her goals of not only getting results now but learning how to keep those results, in the long run, was another thing.

Oftentimes, the roadblock is not the lack of information, but the overload of it. I like to say that information overload causes analysis paralysis: breakfast or no breakfast? Are carbs good or are they not? Should cardio be done while fasting or not? 

There is so much information out there! I am not surprised that even an athlete like Morgan felt overwhelmed with all the choices and completely different approaches. 

But, Morgan was in it for the long game… She wanted a program from someone who had been where she was, and had been able to overcome that ‘’all or nothing’’ mindset, and had been able to find the balance she was after.

The missing piece…found!

Morgan took the leap of faith and joined my Personalized coaching program… and in just 4 months she has been able to accomplish what she couldn’t do in years!

And the best thing???

She has been able to do that while still being able to enjoy the foods she loves and without having to spend hours in the gym! This means that she had more time to spend with her family and to chauffeur her kids around to and from different activities. 

In her own words:

With this program, you truly are taught how to do everything in your plan and ‘WHY’! This was the piece I was missing!

You see, when Morgan only knew how to get in shape with rigid training and strict dieting during her competitive days, she just robotically did what she was told—- without learning the ‘’whys’’ so she could maintain those results. 

To me, that was the key to understanding ‘balance’ and making this an achievable lifestyle on my own. I’m so thrilled with where I’m at, but I’m most excited about what I know now. I feel confident to continue these habits.”- Morgan

You’re not alone…

The program has not only freaking amazing coaches, but also an exclusive community of driven moms who will hold you accountable to keep on going when the motivation wears off. 

One of the biggest things for me as a coach is to make sure my girls feel supported and heard throughout their journey, so I was delighted to hear when Morgan said that what appreciates the most about the program is the accessibility to the coaches who are quick to respond to questions, whether it be about exercise routines or the nutrition side of things.

“Sometimes life happens and you might need food suggestions that will work with what you have available…the coaches are always there to help you. They are rooting for you, and they are REAL with you. This is so motivating when following the plans they’ve personalized for you.”–Morgan

Yes, we keep it real inside the program. 

The coaches (along with the other members) can be your top cheerleaders, but I can also give “a kick in the pants” if you need it. Keyword: TOUGH LOVE.

When the jeans fit…and then some!

Morgan adds: “I’m obviously pleased with my results. I have lost the excess weight and those jeans are even loose now! I’m stronger, I have energy and I feel great with my body without only eating chicken breast! The best achievement is learning and SEEING the results of balance and how important consistency is.

She is actually being very modest in her answer! Because the reality is that she has dropped FOUR dress sizes in just 4 months!

Morgan’s final message for moms who are tired of feeling unhappy about their bodies and ready for change :

Use this program to make you feel better and to actually BE BETTER. Invest in yourself, it’s the best thing I’ve done for me.”- Morgan

I’m super proud of Morgan’s achievements and how much her relationship with fitness and food has already improved. Now Morgan is ready to crush her next amazing goal (summer, that you???), so that’s what we’re working on next!

And with that, I’m happy to share with you 90-Day Summer Countdown personalized coaching programs for moms!

I want to introduce personalized coaching programs for moms who are busy and ambitious. But who are tired of spending summer wishing they had started earlier! Say goodbye to the summer scaries. And hello to CONFIDENCE and JOY. 

This is YOUR CHANCE to finally look (and feel) amazing in shorts and in a two-piece swimsuit!

Want a stronger layer of guidance in your fitness journey? Want a personal coaching program designed for moms?

If you want to work directly with me and are ready to go into the Summer looking SMOOOOKING HOT, message me HERE with the word “SUMMER COUNTDOWN”, or you can email [email protected] with the word “SUMMER COUNTDOWN’’.

It’s my goal to help as many moms as I can! You can help me reach that goal by helping others find these coaching programs for moms. All you have to do is share this post. You can easily share it on Pinterest here and follow me @nathaliamelofit for more.

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