Do You Speak to Yourself? (How Negative Self-Talk is Sabotaging YOU)

In this post, I’m talking about the way you talk to yourself. Don’t talk to yourself? I beg to differ! Read on to find out how your negative self-talk is sabotaging you. And read this post about setting and STICKING to your New Year’s Resolutions here

Moms, The Way You Talk To Yourselves Will Drive Your Results. Here is why.

One simple question, do you talk to yourself? And I know for some this may be an odd question, but seriously, do you talk to yourself? 

If you answered no, you’re wrong… And I say that with the utmost compassion I could possibly drum up, not really (sorry, not sorry). 

Every single thought, every single idea, every single fleeting moment where you are making a decision you are speaking to yourself. The problem is, we’ve chosen to truly put ourselves second! So we don’t realize that every single thing we set out to do or decide upon involves us actually speaking to us. 

What does this mean though? Why do I care if you’re talking to yourself?

Now I’m going to break it down even further; as you go about creating your lists and making sure all your chores and/or mommy duties are handled, do you find yourself struggling to feel calm and confident? Or are you most of the time feeling stressed, harried, overwhelmed, running through the motions and to truly hit deep, like you’re not good enough and not everything will be able to be accomplished?

Like maybe you just don’t have any more in you? That’s a harsh reality a lot of us face daily. So don’t ever feel like you’re alone in these thoughts, because you are not; you are the norm.

But it’s not your normal any longer. This is where the recognition of self-deprecating chatter has not done you any good and your entire goal-driven self deserves more, deserves the results you desire, deserves your growth from the inside out! 

The entire concept of saying it or shouting it to the universe and it will happen, “build it and they will come,” is absolutely TRUE. But we have all become too accepting of the latter, of the negative being the standard, that complaining is just the way of life and we should all just walk around in misery together.

Another very accurate statement of “misery loves company” has become the way of the world and not one this tribe is feeding into any longer. 

We stop letting our negative self-talk sabotage us now and here’s how. 

First, we’re going to recognize what we’re doing that is negative thinking and how it affects us daily.

Gratitude is the attitude. This is the way we’re going to cancel out the negative chatter in our lives. 

Do you wake up on Mondays, or even Sundays with the “Sunday Scaries” and think, “not another week? How am I going to get through another week of this nonsense? Friday can’t come soon enough!” Or just every morning, do you wake up with a huff and a mindset of “one day closer to the weekend or I can’t wait to go back to bed tonight?” 

These are all thoughts that immediately create a negative existence that needs to be changed. It subconsciously cuts down on your natural productive behavior because you’re not allowing yourself to appreciate how much you actually do accomplish on a daily basis from mommying to working to taking care of your beautiful home. You’re immediately consuming moments that could be used to create thoughts that will negate progress. 

And when you allow yourself to “feed” into that chatter, you then create excuses as to why you don’t have the ability to take time to better yourself, workout, and eat according to your goals.

Second, we evaluate who we’re surrounding ourselves with.

Do they also speak to the “I can’t” or the “I don’t have time,” or the “that woman is so selfish because she chooses to workout instead of blah, blah, blah…” gossipy talk? 

These are the conversations that we need to kindly see our way out of. Because they will drain you of all the positive aspects of taking care of yourself offers. Recognize that caring and taking care of yourself not only increases natural productivity through subconscious responses, but it also lends itself to you being a more pleasant and willing person to all those around you.

The entire idea of “look good, do good, feel good,” runs strong! So taking care of ourselves is an absolute necessity. And if other people don’t see that, then they need to not be your people any longer. They need to be removed from your conversation circle. 

Lastly, spend time with yourself, by yourself. If the idea of “I can’t” comes up as you’re even thinking about this concept again, immediately nip the “I can’t” in the bud and recognize right away you spoke negatively.

Your immediate response has become your habit and that needs to change. Knee jerk reactions are always insight into how you’ve been. Let me repeat, you’ve BEEN operating, but the necessary change is happening now. Because you cannot live in the negative and expect positive results. 

So let’s recap briefly… 

We all speak to ourselves through our thoughts. And our thoughts dictate our actions, reactions, and responses. So when you talk unfavorably to yourself, and think bad thoughts, you can never expect to gain positive results. 

Do you want to lose weight? There is no more I can’t, I can’t find the time, I can’t find the energy, I can’t, etc… instead say, “I will make the time, I will find the energy, I have the time, I have the energy”, etc…

Do you want to eat healthier? There is no more I can’t prep my food properly. No more I don’t like the food, or I don’t understand how. Instead: “I will find the alternations that work for my lifestyle and I will enjoy that my results will soon follow and embrace the process of finding them!” 

Believing that you already have the ability and trusting in yourself will be your key factor in moving forward with progress. But that will stem from comprehending and embracing your positive outlook regardless of the naysaying that will try and creep in, both thoughts and people.

It is time to OWN your being which will reflect only the constructive responses and nothing that will continue to tear down or halt the process of progression!

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