4 Dirty Little Fitness Industry Secrets

In this post, I’m exposing 4 dirty little fitness industry secrets that I think everyone should know. The fitness industry has some explaining to do when it comes to these things… so let’s get right to it. And if you’re ready to jumpstart 2022, I’ve got what you need.

4 Dirty Little Fitness Industry Secrets

We are all fully aware that each industry has its ups and downs and insides and outs. But the secrets we remain oblivious to are the ones that can actually have the most impact on the lives of those who want to better themselves by following everything the fitness industry comes out with as gospel. 

Now you might be wondering, what are these potential secrets we are blind to? Oh well, guess who’s here to share some of them… yours truly! 

1. You don’t NEED to spend half of your paycheck on supplements 

We have become inundated with different products for different results all-consuming our brains with the opportunity for “quick fixes.” Haven’t we learned yet? There is no quick fix for longevity and sustainability; there is no magic pill and there is no supplement that can create the physique for you, even when combined with multiple stacks. 

Now, can supplements support your effort in achieving results? Absolutely! But what supplements and how many? The concept of less is more is always the way to go… focusing more on creating the habits and routines of a lifestyle through proper nutrition and movement will be your best friend. Breaking the bank and going hog wild on supplements and vitamins will only cause stress and resentment towards yourself that will work against in the long run! Sustainability comes on all levels from schedule to food intake to financial obligations! And if you become “dependent” on the idea that you need supplements, you will go down the rabbit hole of financial obligation to them. Now I ask, is it a necessity? Nope! 

Focus your efforts on learning what your body truly needs. If you struggle with getting enough protein in your daily meals, then add a protein shake. If you struggle to feel energized sometimes before a workout because listen, we all get tired, then maybe a quick energy boost through a drink or pre-workout can help on occasion. But note, the supplements aren’t a daily necessity, they are to be used on an as-needed basis. So that allows you to not have a dependency on them. 

The reality is that if a supplement’s promise is too good to be true… then, chances are it probably is.

2. All Diets work… But how you ask?? 

We’ve been programmed to believe that if a “diet” has a fancy name and some well-known spokesperson to confirm it’s efficiency, then it must be the next best thing since sliced white bread(wait… don’t eat the bread, because the fancy diet probably doesn’t allow the bread either)! But let’s all look at the details and actual science behind the ones that work. 

Ok, get ready, because this one’s going to boggle your mind! It’s so complicated you may have trouble understanding… ready? 

All diets will work when you’re in a calorie deficit! THAT’S IT!! Isn’t that a metaphysical pill to swallow…  (If you want to understand more about calorie deficit and how it works, check out this blog HERE)

Ok, so all joking aside, it truly is that simple. As long as you can focus on keeping yourself in a deficit you’ll find yourself losing the weight you wish to lose. And, the best part of it all?? By understanding this, you’ll be able to shed fat while eating the things you enjoy. 

Please do not let the false narratives of “fads” and concepts that are fed (no pun intended) to you deter you from realizing that nothing has to be complicated to work.

3. You Don’t Need A Brand New Workout Every Single Week 

We are always looking for the newest and the greatest invention, not just in fitness, but in life. Why? Why reinvent the wheel when it’s already been proven to work? It’s the same idea when it comes to workouts. 

Science has proven that results come from doing the basics consistently, progressing each week on those basics by either increasing load, range of motion, or decreasing rest period, and then changing it 4-6 weeks later. These are called progressive overload and periodization, respectively.

The idea that you need a brand new workout every single week to ‘’confuse the body’’ is not only flawed, but it can also deter you from getting the body of your dreams. 

When it comes to picking the exercises in a program, most people have gotten used to seeing so many fancy’’ movements from people who look good on social media, that they immediately assume that the fancy exercises are what is going to get the ultimate results. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

I am not saying that you should NEVER have some of those ‘’fun’’ exercises on your plan, but the foundation of your plan should be the basic movements like Squats (and their variations), Deadlifts (and their variations), Benchpress (and its variations), and shoulder press (and their variations). I have had clients tell me that they were too ‘’advanced’’ for the basics, and I am here to tell you that nobody is ever going to be too advanced to keep on progressing on the basics. 

4. Your #FITINSPO on Instagram, probably doesn’t look like that all the time

(And, probably doesn’t have life 100% figured out either… and that’s ok!)

The last of my fitness industry secrets that I’m exposing today has to do with what we see and consume online…

We all find one or a few persons to follow, especially in the age of social media, to “inspire” and “motivate” when we are looking for guidance. We all sometimes become challenged on which way to go and what path to follow for direction on how to achieve said goals. The sad and dirty side to the age of technology is that what we think is the truth behind someone or a few people’s life might not be the actual truth at all. 

We have all accepted face value as the law of the land. However, it needs to be dissected and understood, what you see on those little squares on your phone doesn’t tell the full story of someone’s life. And let’s not forget, this is true for us as well. I now ask, what you post on social media, is that what your true day-to-day is? Probably not. We pick and choose the moments and pictures very carefully that we post on social media, and so do the influencers whom we follow. 

What do I mean you might ask? 

We see someone who seems to have it all figured out; seems to wake up motivated every day, completes all workouts, eats the perfect amount of foods at just the right times, and then also somehow lives the most beautifully balanced life. But the truth, the truth might not be as simple and straightforward as it may seem. 

Comparing your real-life and body to someone else’s curated and filtered ones will not only lead to a toxic relationship with yourself and your loved ones, but it will also leave you chasing a reality that doesn’t exist. 

Remember that the grass might seem greener elsewhere, but in reality, the grass is greener where you water… So, appreciate the body you have, the relationships you have, the life you have. Instead of constantly comparing your reality to someone else’s virtual reality!

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