Top Reasons Moms Succeed In Getting In Shape

In this post, I want to talk about the struggles that we face as moms, getting back in shape. But here’s the thing, getting back in shape doesn’t have to be hard. We just need to make sure we’re doing it for the right reasons – and that motivation can work wonders! Here are 7 reasons moms succeed at getting back in shape! 

7 Reasons Moms Succeed at Getting in Shape

When you become a mom, life pivots, to say the least. You no longer have the flexibility and freedoms you once had. And you either learn to adapt and overcome or you concede and life becomes a little more difficult and the opportunity to succeed in any faction of your life fades further and further into the distance. 

But we’re moms! So option 2 doesn’t even exist. There is now at least one little living, breathing human relying heavily on us to succeed. And that leads me to the first reason why moms succeed! And I speak completely from experience as I am the blessed mom of 2 beautiful souls… which is why I lead this article from a first-person perspective. 

The understanding of getting in shape does need some clarification, however, so let’s start with that. Getting in shape doesn’t mean just losing weight or just adding muscle to your frame. Getting in shape consists of becoming completely comfortable and confident within your mind and skin. It’s a multi-faceted process which is what makes it a bit more complicated than some think.

Based on what I just mentioned above, I would like you to know that when I am referring to ‘getting in shape’ in this article, it is regarding truly feeling like your best self, reaching your personal physical potential- whatever that looks like for you, feeling confident in your skin, and just being in a position where that confidence is reflected in all aspects of your life.

Here are the TOP reasons why moms get in shape:

  1. The main reason is always that YOU want to. Let’s start there. It is your want to be in shape, be the best version of yourself, feel better. It has to start with YOU, otherwise, the rest will not be enough to drive you to succeed. But that simple statement of being in shape, becoming the best version of yourself, and feeling better, have more to them that brings us into the continued reasons.
  2. As a mom, we always have other people solely relying on us to be their strength. First, we have to be strong enough to physically carry our kids, and we have to carry the mental weight of our dreams, fears, and day-to-day needs. Moms have to shape their bodies to bear physical weight and mental weight.
  3. We now have a set (or more) of little eyes watching our every move. We have become the absolute leader in our children’s lives and now the choice to either give in to give up has to be made. Or the choice to show our children what a strong body is worn with confidence can achieve in all facets of life.
  4. As we begin our journey to getting in shape, we think, ok here is my exercise plan, now let’s go. But it is so much more than that! It requires mental dedication first. It requires awareness and the learning of what exactly you need to do in order to achieve. And this is where the journey to getting into mental shape begins! So as you begin to realize reasons #1 & #2 you then come to the conclusion that you need to shape your brain as well which is an even greater reason to succeed in achieving your fitness goals. This leads me to reason #5.
  5. Showing our children that having the grit, the discipline, and the drive to truly succeed is the greatest gift we can give to them. Getting in shape is nowhere close to reaching for most as it may seem. You’re juggling being a mom, maintaining a home for yourself and those children, and you could quite possibly also be holding down a full-time job, like most of us moms do in today’s age. So allowing our children to see that you are choosing time within your day to take care of you and truly work towards an end goal is something that your children will carry with them for the rest of their lives.
  6. You want to feel good about yourself. And feeling good about yourself doesn’t come from a certain aesthetic. Let’s get that clear. It comes from all the above reasons and then some. Feeling good about yourself means knowing that you are taking care of your insides to match your outsides. You are putting the time and effort into YOU establishing a sense of pride that can be felt down the line. And this will provide a much stronger foundation for your children to also build upon in their own lives.
  7. And now let’s state the obvious and what becomes the final result; we want to look good on the outside. We enjoy the idea of fitting into a certain size of clothing or being able to wear a certain dress. And we want to feel sexy and confident and own it. Being in shape and having the added strength that goes along with that is all of that and more!

So yes, we continually speak about having to take care of ourselves in order to take care of others. And we absolutely do! That is a non-negotiable. But our reasons for taking care of ourselves can circulate around our personal wants and also the needs of our offspring. That is only natural. 

When we become a parent, our responsibility is to take care of another human so it’s only natural that our babies become part of our “why.” But the ultimate source of our want has to trickle down to our want for our children. Not solely for the children. (Read that again!)

We need to shape our minds in order to shape our bodies; from the inside out! 

If you are ready to start taking control of your body and work on getting in the best physical shape you’ve ever been, I have amazing news for you!!

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