Why You’re Failing Your Fitness Goals

In this post, we’re talking about something very relevant to this time of year. Your fitness goals. And more importantly – why you’re failing your fitness goals. I know that every year we set these fitness goals for ourselves… and then just as quickly, we give up! Failing at our fitness goals is almost a new year tradition. Why don’t we change that this year? 

Why you’re Failing at Your Fitness Goals

Ever wonder why you’re creating goals but somehow not able to reach them?

Or do you just accept another postponed or completely failed attempt at incorporating fitness into your lifestyle? I’m going to say the latter, until now. 

We have all become too complacent with just accepting that we are not where we should be and look for excuses to validate our existence. And how’s that working out for you? How does it feel? Do you find yourself questioning why? 

Let’s lay some groundwork to hopefully begin our journey and excel this time. Failing isn’t an option anymore. Possibly stumble? Sure. Let’s crawl before we run…but let’s never fail, and accept defeat. Here’s how!

First, we’ll outline some reasons why you’re not succeeding…

1. Understand what you want and why you want it

Have you actually taken the time to truly understand your wants and the needs that have to be established to achieve said goals? This shouldn’t only be true for fitness, but also life. We first need to identify what the ultimate goal is. It can or cannot be as simple as wanting to lose weight. But ideally, we want to recognize that there is a lot more than losing weight that will bring you to the ultimate goal of what you want your physique to look like. 

2. What are your priorities?

Have you actually confirmed what those priorities are? When it comes to your fitness lifestyle, do you even know what you need to do? Make a list of what your actual goals are. Do you want to work out two times, three times or more a week?  Do you want to focus more on nutrition and how to fuel your body? Do you want to add movement in some capacity to your daily lifestyle? Truly think about what you want and create a roadmap to prioritize implementing steps that will get you to your ultimate goal!

3. Be Realistic

Are your goals too extreme? Are your short-term goals unrealistic to where reaching them may seem impossible so you end up giving up, yet again? 

Realizing why you’re not succeeding is the first step in moving forward with achieving. Now let’s look at how you can challenge those reasons and push forward with success!

4. Understand your wants

In direct correlation to the reasons why you’re possibly not succeeding, let’s focus on the idea of understanding your wants. Often we think our fitness goals are as simple as losing that last 5 pounds. But is that number on the scale going to truly provide you with the fulfillment you’ve been looking for? And let’s not forget 5 pounds down one day can translate to 3 pounds up the next. Don’t get nervous, it’s just water weight, but it’s confirmation that the number on the scale is not the be-all and end-all! The number will not dictate your happiness. Let’s focus on the look and the true want of what you’re trying to reach. 

5. Accept you’ve been making excuses for yourself. 

Accept that you are choosing to adopt a mindset that is not working in your favor, but working against what you truly want. Mindset is everything. You either wake up each day choosing one way or the other. Choosing to make certain things a priority or not. When you consciously choose your priorities over excuses, the rest will fall into the proper place. 

But when we speak to mindset, we also need to understand it’s not just thinking “today I’m going to get it done,” although that is a HUGE need in your way of thinking. You also need to think, “I GET to work towards my goals. I am grateful I CAN work towards my goals. And I am so GRATEFUL I have the opportunity to take one step at a time towards them.”

6. Find ways to make it easier, smarter for you.

 Do you maybe need a coach to help guide you? Not necessarily for the long term, but just to give you a kickstart. Sometimes we need someone else to hold us accountable. Sometimes we need someone to hold our hand for a little while to show us what we’ve chosen to remain blind to. 

As a trainer and former professional athlete, I too still need a good kick in the arse to keep progressing in life. We are human! Having someone to add that accountability aspect to our agenda can truly work wonders for getting to where we’ve always wanted to be but never knew how. The additional perspective can bring to light things you never even realized, and that’s why added insight is a welcomed cause. 

7. Plan. 

Plan each day as though it’s your work life or mom life or social life! Plan to find even just 20 minutes to invest back into yourself. Plan for sudden changes and the need to adapt to life that may show up unexpectedly. There are cliché statements that are made constantly and we may roll our eyes, but they’re cliché for a reason because it’s true! “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” So PLAN! Plan for it all and then some. But always trust that it will work out as long as you truly believe and trust in yourself that you can and will make it work! 

8. Small and Big

Set realistic goals to achieve in a shorter period of time and work diligently towards those individual steps to achieving the bigger picture. Each smaller win will equate to so much more of a motivated push towards the ultimate end game!  We undervalue the sense of accomplishment in the smaller wins not understanding they do provide the momentum to keep moving forward. 

9. Surround yourself with those on a path of improvement as well. 

Experts say, “you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with.” Who are those 5 people? If they are not on the same page as you with your fitness goals, you will most likely have a difficult time reaching as far as you possibly can.


You may surprise yourself at how truly influenced you are by the opinions of those around you… so change it to support you! 

But always in all ways remember, recognition and acceptance are the initial steps to making any great change in life. And knowing you are the only one who has the power to adjust, adapt and overcome; trusting you are truly as powerful as you think and pulling the metaphorical trigger on taking that first step is the need. And always remember, a baby step forward is better than standing still with only thoughts of what could be! 

Onwards and upwards!! Always in ALL WAYS! 

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