Fad Driven Fitness Industry: The Stigmas It Created & How to Break OUT

In this post, I’m talking about the fad-driven fitness industry. But more importantly, I’m talking about how you can break out of these stigmas created for you. Being a part of an industry that has been taken over by fads is challenging day in and day out. Why? Because these fads thrive and build off the weaknesses of individuals instead of truly helping you be stronger. When an industry uses the vulnerability of a person to generate multi-billions of dollars, there have to be some myths that need to be addressed. 

So let’s talk about it, shall we? But where to begin is the real question…

Breaking out of the Fad-Driven Fitness Industry and the Stigmas it’s created

1. Diets, Diets, and MORE ‘Diets’

How many ways to eat are there really that we should all try before realizing “diets” are bullshit? See here’s the problem, people nowadays are so quick to jump before letting their logical brains settle into the idea of what weight loss actually requires. And it’s truly not a hell of a lot. 

So many people, “coaches,” yes, I put that in quotes for obvious reasons, corporations, etc… put some fancy term to ways of eating that ultimately translate to being in a caloric deficit. But because people can’t or won’t take responsibility for themselves, they are always looking for the “fix.” 

Intermittent Fasting – Simply stated, you cannot control eating over 16 hours so you give yourself, mentally, only 8-10 hours to take in your allotted calories. Your body does not need a “break” from digestion, but maybe your mind does! Think of it that way. The ultimate rationale being used behind intermittent fasting is for “autophagy”. Well, what if I told you resistance training also stimulates autophagy? 

RIGHT! That’s what I thought…

Keto – OH LORD, please do not get me started on the glorified Atkins diet that has people going MAD. High protein and fat diets are just another term for low carb diets which can result in wreaking hormonal havoc on your body if not done correctly. We need all 3 macros in sync to function optimally as we grow older. Ladies especially! 

Now yes, individual goals may dictate the ratio in which you take in each macro, however, low to no carbs and high-fat diets will not allow for sustainable results and will only cause disruptions in our hormonal balance. Plus, how long can you really go without a piece of bread or a damn cracker?? STOP IT!!!

Do I continue with examples of diets; cabbage soup diets, juice cleanses, etc… Nah, I’ll leave them alone, Just remember, CALORIES IN vs CALORIES OUT! It truly is that simple (Remember that just because it is simple, it does not mean that it is easy and that you might not need help setting yourself up for success).

Do you want to achieve sustainable results with your nutrition? 

Please start by tracking your food by measuring accurately and reviewing the visuals it creates. There is absolutely no other reason why you’re not achieving results other than you are taking in TOO MANY CALORIES! There are apps galore to help you track your intake and devices aplenty to help you figure out your expenditure (I personally use and recommend MyFitnessPal, and many of my clients also use MyMacros).

2. Random equipment created to allow for “quicker and faster” results (i.e. BOSU Ball, Ab Coaster, Vibrating Belt, etc…)

How many of you have run out and bought a piece of equipment or exercise gear because someone or somehow you heard it would catapult your results? Like if you balance on one foot, upside down, forehead to knees, and squat, you’ll lose 3lbs in an hour! Or let’s simplify, if you squat on this terribly unsteady surface while holding weight, you’ll magically create a 6-pack while building beautiful glutes. Or VIBRATING your way to a 6-pack. 

How about NO! How about you just squat in a squat rack or smith machine, with proper form, and gradually build your strength the old-fashioned, the tried and true way that will allow for a solid foundation to be built upon? 

Also, pay attention to your nutrition. What’s going in your mouth throughout the day? 

Once again, recreating the wheel is not the way to achieve lasting results. There are 8 essential lifts in the strength training world that should be included in your routine, that’s all. Super simple… 8 basic lifts. Now, it doesn’t mean that this is all you have to do day in and day out, but they are a great place to start. 

Furthermore, you’re more than welcome to adjust hand position or foot position to target each muscle group differently which is the beauty in having a solid foundation. Small tweaks can allow for the simple changes that you may be seeking at that point in time. 

3. Supplements, Supplements, Supplements

May I ask, did you ever tally the amount of money you spend each month on supplements? Pre Workouts, fat burners, creams that will make you sweat more and magically melt away fat, BCAA’s, etc… What if I told you each of those supplements you’re ingesting can be found in proper nutrition if you once again paid attention to the food going in your mouth. 

Now yes, sometimes a simple cup of coffee isn’t enough to boost our energy to push through a workout simply because you didn’t rest enough the night before. So every once in a while using a pre-workout to help “push through” is totally understandable. But it’s not going to make or break a true workout if you have your mind in it to succeed. 

Yes, some of us do not process our foods in a way to provide the proper micronutrient absorption, so actual vitamins may be needed. (But, this is also way out of a fitness professional scope of work, and more in the scope of an actual healthcare provider). These are very specific instances. But to think you NEED a pre-workout or BCAA’s or some other marketed product that will create the end results is nonsense. It’s you eating properly, working out with passion and consistency in both! 

4. Motivation

This may not be a fad, but it is a concept widely spread throughout our industry. The concept of motivation and needing to always be motivated to stay on track. Nope, no, not a chance, not happening. This goes hand in hand with “no rest days” if you want to achieve said results. Once again, nope, no, not happening! 

We are NOT always motivated and we are NOT always operating at 100% with eating and working out. We’re NOT always working out, period! We take days off. We have days where we just don’t feel like even driving to the gym, let alone walking in and there are days we don’t wish to talk about it either. Being a fitness professional is not who we are, it is what we do. So just like anyone else and their career, I’m sure there are days you just don’t want to do it. Just like being an adult, there are just some days we all just don’t want to adult! We are humans, real people that practice to make progress to possible perfection. 

Motivation is something you practice to progress and get better at staying when you do wish to achieve an end result. As I said, it’s practice, and some days we learn a lesson from ourselves that we too need to just calm the heck down. 

Everyone needs some reminding to simplify and go back to the root of where certain things all began. Take note of some of the greatest physiques in history and think about what they did to achieve them. They lifted weights, ate right, and maybe added some simple cardio techniques to their routines… CONSISTENTLY!

Nothing fancy,  the foundation was built strong from the ground up with the discipline to show up even on the days they didn’t feel like it. 

From the ground up… Inside Out! 

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