All You Need to Know About Loving Your Body During Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with many changes, not all of them welcome. We talk a lot about fitness and getting back in shape here, but what about those bodily changes you can’t help while pregnant? You put on weight fairly quickly. And the most obvious change: your belly grows, and while many women welcome this change, for others, who maybe prided themselves on toned abs before pregnancy or those who have struggled with their weight in the past, it can be a hard thing to handle. And that’s understandable! Read on for some pregnancy care tips and encouragement from someone who’s been there.

Loving your pregnancy, week by week

In the first trimester, there are days where your body won’t let up and, due to the hormones coursing through you, you find yourself trekking repeatedly to the toilet to throw up. In the second trimester, there are days where that “pregnancy glow” simply sweats on your face from being overheated. And during the third trimester, all those middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom are leaving you exhausted. There are days you may not feel your best, but remember how important what you’re doing is! Remember to step back and bask in the moment. You are nothing less than a mother, and that is one of the most amazing and transformative changes a person will go through in their life! Soon, you will have a little person who loves you and looks up to you. You may be hating those extra pounds, and it may be really hard to see the scale going up each week, but remember, it’s all for a great reason!

You are amazing!

A woman’s body is incredible when you think about it. It grows, sustains, and nourishes a baby as it grows from a single cell into a tiny, full human being! Of course, hard work like that doesn’t come without sacrifices. But rest assured, there ARE things you can do to get yourself back on track, once you have your baby. There are even exercises you can safely do during pregnancy, to help maintain your stamina levels and stay fit. Join our mailing list for a free full body pregnancy workout. You’ll also get a list of 10 exercises to avoid during pregnancy.

Where does the weight go?

For some women, it can be hard to see the numbers on the scale going up every week. It helps to remember why you’re gaining those pounds and where they are going. Your baby itself will be about 7.5 pounds, give or take a pound or two. Your placenta will weigh about 1.5 pounds. The growing uterus and breast tissue both compromise about 2 pounds each, while blood and fluid volumes increase by about 4 pounds each. Finally, about 7 or so of the pounds are weight gained by your body. See, it doesn’t sound so bad when put that way! You can see why the weight you gain is so necessary.

Pregnancy beauty tips

So what do you do when you find that your “glow” is really sweat, and you’re so tired you’d rather lay in bed all day rather than put on makeup and go out? Pamper yourself! Find easy pieces of clothing that are comfortable and easy to put on, yet make you feel and look cute! Highlight your pregnant belly. Dress in layers so that you can easily shed some clothing if it gets too hot since during pregnancy you get heated easily. Opt for minimal makeup to make things easier for yourself, or if you prefer more, go for it! Enjoy baths often; they’ll help you feel refreshed, and the water will allow some of the weight of your belly to feel lighter. It also helps to have friends who are going through a similar situation. Check out our Facebook group Fit Moms and Healthy Bumps, where you can connect with other fitness-minded moms-to-be.

Remember…savor this time! If there’s nothing else you take away from this blog post, I want you to understand that your body is beautiful, because it’s doing amazing things!

It can be so hard to know what’s safe to do and not do during pregnancy… you do, of course, want to take the best care of yourself and your baby! That’s why I’ve created a totally free guide called ‘The Most Important Do’s and Don’ts of Pregnancy, by Trimester!’ You can grab your copy HERE.

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