Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

6 Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

In this guide, I’m sharing the benefits of exercising during pregnancy. As a pre and postnatal trainer, these tips will help you have a safe, healthy, and comfortable pregnancy (at least more comfortable!). Pregnancy can be stressful, taxing, and exhausting. You are growing a tiny human after all. Good thing exercising during pregnancy can help!

Benefits of Exercising During Your Pregnancy

Exercise is vital for your wellbeing, especially during pregnancy.  From decreasing discomfort to improving sleep, there are plenty of advantages to training while you’re pregnant. While keeping active is usually recommended, it is advisable to check with your health care professional first. If you have been cleared by your healthcare professional and you don’t feel discomfort when you exercise, there are plenty of advantages to setting up a training schedule.

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Decrease discomfort

With the right guidance, training can reduce the wide range of discomfort that pregnant women often face. Exercise can play a role in managing backache and swelling. Strength training builds your abdominal and back muscles which reduces your chances of experiencing back pain. Stretching also plays a role in reducing back pain. Walking contributes to good circulation and digestion which helps to decrease constipation and bloating. Training improves your posture and strengthens your muscles, which lowers your risk for aches and pains.

Improves sleep

Are you struggling to sleep? Finding the right sleeping position can be tough during pregnancy. Exercise helps to improve the quality of your sleep and it also plays a role in reducing stress. Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to your physical and mental wellbeing. Not only does a training schedule help you to get the rest you need, it also boosts your energy. Whether you need to work or get groceries, training regularly can help you achieve the energy levels that you need to keep up with your busy daily routine. When you work out, your cardiovascular system is strengthened which means that it will take you longer to feel tired.

Boosts your mood

Mood swings often accompany pregnancy and exercising regularly can help to improve your mood. Women are at risk of depression and anxiety during pregnancy. Exercise helps to reduce the chances that you will experience low moods and stress during this period. Training releases endorphins which help you to stay calm and happy.

Prepare for labor

Training helps to improve your muscle tone and strength. Strength training builds up your endurance which you’ll need when you’re giving birth. Staying fit may enhance your physical and mental ability to handle labor. Strengthening your legs as well as your lower body during workouts will help you during childbirth. Not only does working out help you during labor, but it also helps you to lose excess weight faster after delivery.

Better recovery

Staying fit and healthy during pregnancy helps to reduce your recovery period after giving birth. Your fitness levels after delivery will also be higher if you exercise when you’re pregnant. Regular training will help you return to your daily routine faster. Regular exercise also reduces the risk of complications for you and your baby during delivery.

Healthier babies

According to a recent study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, fitter and physically active mothers had healthier babies. There was evidence showing that mothers who exercised had babies whose brains matured faster. The babies showed higher AGPAR scores and were able to handle the stress of labor better than others. Further, there is evidence that there are better overall outcomes for mothers who took part in prenatal fitness and exercise. These mothers tend to have shorter labor, lesser chances of premature labor, fewer birth complications, and shorter stays at the hospital, thus reinforcing that regular exercise during pregnancy is beneficial.

With so many benefits to training during pregnancy, it’s easy to see why so many women choose to exercise before they give birth. If you want to learn how to stay fit and healthy in a safe way, make sure you check out my totally free guide called ‘The Most Important Do’s and Don’ts of Pregnancy, by Trimester!’ You can grab your copy HERE.

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