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7 Myths About Fat Loss and What to Do Instead

In this post I’m sharing 7 myths about fat loss and what you can do instead! There are SO many myths about fat loss, this post will help you get to the bottom of them all.  Let’s get real for a few minutes! We all have that friend who is always coming at us with […]

Are Condiments Making You Fat?

Are Condiments Making You Fat? Feature image of condiments on a table.

Learn how to use condiments in moderation to set yourself up for weight loss success. This could be a big reason you are falling short of your goals. Condiments. Yep, you read that right! Condiments = yummy add ons to your food OR Calorie BOMBS (in some cases)! A little mayo… A dollop of sour […]

You Can’t Outrun A Fork (Truth About Diets + Nutrition)

In this post I’m talking to you about weight loss and dieting. We’re going to cover calories, nutrients and what you should and shouldn’t be eating. So listen up…I’m not going to sugar coat this, because you might eat it too. You can’t “undo” a poor diet. (And by “poor,” I mean a diet with […]