You Can’t Outrun A Fork (Truth About Diets + Nutrition)

In this post I’m talking to you about weight loss and dieting. We’re going to cover calories, nutrients and what you should and shouldn’t be eating. So listen up…I’m not going to sugar coat this, because you might eat it too.

You can’t “undo” a poor diet. (And by “poor,” I mean a diet with very little nutrient-dense foods and with a lot of calories…a lot more than you need.)

If you’re struggling with weight loss, I’m about to tell you the golden rule. Seriously…It’s the most important thing you should know about dieting!

It’s about how many calories go in, and how many calories come out.

Weight gain happens when you eat more calories than you burn, which creates a caloric surplus. And weight loss happens the opposite way, when you’re eating less calories than you burn, creating a caloric deficit.

Say that it’s been one of those days, and you just HAVE to have a slice of pizza. (It happens to all of us ????????) Well, if you end up eating three slices of pizza, you might find yourself with a caloric surplus of around 1,000 calories in just fifteen minutes of eating. And to burn off that surplus, the average person would have to walk at a brisk pace for six or seven HOURS! Or else you’d have to run for about two to three hours…and if you’re as busy as the rest of us moms, you know that doesn’t sound very manageable on a daily basis, LOL.

Now, you might WANT a caloric surplus to build muscle, or if your doctor has asked you to put on some weight. But for most of us here, we’re trying to streamline our nutrition and exercise in a way that helps us lose weight, keep the weight off, and reach our fitness goals.

Exercise, by itself, does NOT equal fat loss.

We all have this idea in our heads that weight gain and obesity is because of a lack of exercise. But recent studies show that this idea is only a myth! Researchers have found that while regular physical activity has LOTS of benefits, including lowering your risk for disease, physical activity alone does not promote weight loss.

Just because you hop on the treadmill doesn’t mean you can “eat whatever” you want, in any quantity, all the time. You might think it will “even out” in the end…but that is most definitely not the case.

You HAVE to add good nutrition into your lifestyle.

The bottom line is this: you can exercise all you want, but if you don’t pay attention to your diet, it will be MUCH more difficult to lose weight. If you want to move the needle on the scale, you have to think about creating a caloric deficit. Or else, you’ll stay right where you are!

It may be change from what you’re used to, or what you once believed. But I promise you…you can do it! I’ve got a LOT of resources for you on the topic here on my blog, but one of the best places to get started is probably by getting these 8 food essentials into your pantry or fridge, ASAP. Check it out and start making your nutrition work for you!

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