Did you know women have gained an average of 30lbs in the past 2 years?

This is an unprecedented amount of weight gain in such a short period of time, and it is leaving women struggling with their confidence, and to feel comfortable in their bodies and clothes!



If you want to LOSE UP TO 12LBS and GO DOWN 2 dress sizes in just 5 Weeks….

The 5 Week Super Shred Challenge is EXACTLY what you need!




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I am so confident that this workshop will help you get the clarity you need to get started on the LAST fat loss journey you’ll ever have to embark on, that I am giving you a complete money-back Guarantee! Sign up for the Workshop,  put into practice what you have learned and if you don’t see results, you just reach out to us and you will have your money back! (If you have no intention of actually doing what is taught in the Workshop then this is not for you.)I am so confident that this framework really works that I am giving you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! If you do all the steps of what is taught in the workshop and do not see the results, you just reach out to us and you will have your money back! (Don’t forget you must do the work!)

P.S. This life changing bundle regular price is only $49, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY but IS VALUED  at $997!!

*You’ll be automatically enrolled in a yearly subscription to the Mother Strong League at a {60% discount- $49/month)! Your card will be automatically charged, but if you just want to stay for the 5 weeks, it is perfectly ok! Just let us know before the end of the 5 weeks!

**Refunds will not be given after the 5 weeks end, and you’re enrolled in the Mother Strong League subscription.

(You must let us know that you want to cancel by the end of the 5 weeks by emailing [email protected])


I am breastfeeding, can I do this program?

YES! Our Calorie Calculator is suitable for breastfeeding moms.

I just had a baby, can I do the program?

YES! We offer low impact exercise modifications for postpartum moms.

I have Diastasis Recti and/or Pelvic Floor Issues. Is this program for me?

Yes! As a coach who specializes in moms, I always want to make sure our programs cater to moms who are experiencing pelvic floor dysfunctions and/or diastasis recti by offering exercise modifications that are suitable to these conditions.

I am not a mom. Can I sign up for this workshop?

Absolutely! Any woman can (and should) learn how to maximize their fat loss diet and have the best results in a sustainable way.

Can I attend this workshop if I don’t live in the US?

YES! The workshop will be fully online. So, you just need an internet connection and a device (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone).