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5 On the Go Protein Sources that Keep You On Track

In this post I’m sharing On the Go Protein Sources that are going to help keep you on track! When you hear that you need to eat more protein, most people think of piles and piles of meat! Mostly Chicken breasts & red meats but there is so much more to protein than meets the…

Metabolism & Weightloss Cover Image

Is a Slow Metabolism the Reason You Can’t Lose Weight?

Is it a Slow Metabolism? I hate to say it but there is a lot of bad information being spread around social media, the internet, and yes, our beloved mom groups. You’ve probably heard someone blame their weight problems on having a slow metabolism, but the thing is that metabolism is rarely the culprit.  I…

Understanding Food Labels

How to Read & Understand Food Labels

Food labels can be confusing and feel like they’re full of information we don’t really need. What information on a food label is helping us? In this guide, I’m helping you read and understand food labels to help on your fitness and weight loss journey.  How to Read & Understand Food Labels Attempting to decode…

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