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How This Mom Lost Over 53 Pounds After Having Her Baby!

Find Out How Brenna Bounced Back After Having Her Baby | Nathalia Melo Fit

It has been a tough time for many of us, especially with COVID-19 still lingering around and causing a little extra chaos in our lives. It’s key to try and take time out for yourself. Whether that be a cup of coffee before the kids wake up or an early morning workout.  Trying to stay […]

How This Mom Is Staying on Top of Her Goals During Quarantine (COVID-19 Series)

How this mom is staying fit during the quarantine It wasn’t like Kara didn’t know how to be fit. As a bodybuilder and competitor, she knew what it was like to go to the gym and put in quality hours. But life is never simple. As a mother of two who has started working from […]

5 Ways to Maximize your Home Workout PLUS Resistance Band Workout (COVID19 Series)

Home workouts are not everybody’s favs… I know that much… In fact, I even prefer to workout at the gym. I find myself more motivated and therefore getting more of a workout in… but with gyms closed around the world, that’s not a luxury that we have right now.  This means we need to make […]

47 Products and Activities to Help You During Quarantine (COVID-19 Series)

47 products and activities that will help you get through quarantine As we’ve all been asked to social distance, quarantine and keep our kids at home, we’ve become more than just ‘mom’. We’ve become the live-in chef, personal entertainer, and teacher. And we need all the help we can get… which is why I’m sharing […]

5 Things That You CAN Control Right Now!

We are living an unprecedented experience and the Covid-19  pandemic has made us all change the way we live our lives, do our jobs, and interact with one another significantly. People are having to work from home, parents are having to homeschool as they still have to keep up with work and house duties, couples […]