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How This Mom Lost 10lbs in 4 Weeks (Seeking Support During Her Postpartum Transformation)

In this post I’m sharing the postpartum transformation of one of the inspiring women in my group. I want to introduce you to Cara! Keep in mind that every woman’s postpartum transformation and journey is going to be different. But with the right help, you can reach all of your goals too.  Motherhood can be…

4 Weeks to Fit Transformation Interview

Fitness Challenge Survivor! An interview with Myschon

In this post, I’m sharing a fitness Challenge Survivor! Yup, this is an interview with Myschon, a challenge survivor.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE sitting down with the women that have had their bodies (and lives) transformed by one of my programs? Talking to these ladies is so inspiring! And they’re always giving me…

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