4 Weeks to Fit Transformation Interview

Fitness Challenge Survivor! An interview with Myschon

In this post, I’m sharing a fitness Challenge Survivor! Yup, this is an interview with Myschon, a challenge survivor. 

Have I mentioned that I LOVE sitting down with the women that have had their bodies (and lives) transformed by one of my programs? Talking to these ladies is so inspiring! And they’re always giving me ideas of how I can make the programs even better. This week I got the chance to talk to Myschon, one of the survivors of the brand new, Fitness Challenge! Myschon is a mother of two kiddos. Her daughter will soon be 6 months and her son will be 2 next month. During the Challenge, she did all the home workouts. 

Let’s get right to it! 

My interview with Myschon, from Fitness Challenge Program

“I started my fitness journey with Nathalia at the end of November for the last 4 Week Transformation of the year.” 

She said that her biggest goal was “to just feel comfortable in my own skin again after 2 babies in 2 years.” Girlllll! As someone who had 2 babies in just 14 months, I feel that in my soul! lolI.

The changes that your body goes through after pregnancy (let alone 2 in just 2 years) can sometimes feel a bit discouraging- especially with all the messaging out there telling women their bodies, career, and everything else are done after they have babies. 

Myschon wasn’t going to let that stop her. So, she got to work… but, just like so many moms, she needed it to fit around her busy life and mom duties!

I asked Myschon how the routine fit into her life. I also wanted to know if she was able to stay on top of the program, as this is something most women struggle with. She told me, “I stayed pretty motivated the entire 4 weeks. I saw progress from week 1 so it was easy to keep going!”

Myschon’s biggest takeaway

“My biggest takeaway was just learning more about macros and how you can still eat what you want and get amazing results.”

For those of you who haven’t done the 4 Weeks to Fit before, we focus a lot on changing your relationship with food. Our goal is to give you all the tools you need so you never have to go through the yo-yo diet cycle EVER.AGAIN. 

We work on sustainability, and if that means letting you have a piece of chocolate and a bit of mama juice (aka wine!)… then be it! Ultimately, it is important to have a plan you can stick to, and that is exactly why Myschon had the amazing results she did. 

I was so glad that with the tools we provided she was able to change her body, her habits, her relationship with food!

What’s next for Myschon?

I wanted to know what her goals were and what she was going to focus on now that the program was over. She said she still wants to lose 8 more pounds to be back to her pre-pregnancy weight… and, she is only 3.5 months, postpartum! How amazing is that??

She was able to do the 4 Weeks to Fit Transformation so quickly after having her baby since we offer incredible modifications for recently postpartum moms (as well as moms with diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues). This way they can train safely and still get phenomenal results. 

The 4 Weeks to Fit Transformation is not a quick fix, it is a guide to help you achieve your most desirable goals while giving you the tools and knowledge you need to keep on kicking a$$ even after the program is over!

Oh… and did I mention you get lifetime access to the program?!

Myschon’s Advice to you!

“Don’t give up! Even if you do part of the workout you are still accomplishing something. Some days are harder than others and those are the days you will be happy you didn’t quit.”

And, I personally could not agree more with her!

Too many people give up on their fitness goals before even starting because they focus on the time they don’t have to do the workouts or track their food…

But, the reality is that even half of a workout is still better than NO workout!

Surely it might take you a little bit longer to accomplish your goals… but what is the other alternative? Not evening trying to crush your goals but still wondering why nothing has changed?!

Myschon is an action taker, and I know you are too!

The 4 Weeks to Fit Transformation was designed with you and your busy schedule in mind! I wanted to create a program that fits into your life. This includes still being able to eat the foods that you love! When you join the 4 Weeks to Fit Transformation you get lifetime access to the entire program! This includes:

✔️Brand New 4 Weeks of Home and Gym Workouts Plus Cardio (So you have the flexibility to train wherever your heart takes you!) 

✔️Learn our exclusive “No-Diet Diet Method” (So you can set yourself free from fads!)

✔️Instructional Videos For All Exercises (So you don’t have to worry about doing the exercise incorrectly!)

✔️Weekly Live Q&As which means you’ll have a coach (me!) to answer all your questions!

✔️Access to our closed community of women just like YOU which means a whole lot of support!

It’s YOUR turn to get results like Myschon!

It’s YOUR turn to look and feel healthy, fit, and SEXY AF gurlll!! 

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