How This Mom Lost 10lbs in 4 Weeks (Seeking Support During Her Postpartum Transformation)

In this post I’m sharing the postpartum transformation of one of the inspiring women in my group. I want to introduce you to Cara! Keep in mind that every woman’s postpartum transformation and journey is going to be different. But with the right help, you can reach all of your goals too. 

Motherhood can be such a fierce, yet fragile time in our lives. It is a time of women becoming so much more than just themselves, but in doing so, often leaving themselves behind on the road to postpartum recovery. A healthy postpartum transformation is on many women’s minds after they give birth.

By this I mean, women are often guilty of putting any and everyone first, even during this vulnerable season in life. We all have a tendency to fall into survival mode and to throw our own needs to the waste side. This is why I feel such a strong calling to serve women in the role of health and fitness support during their transition into motherhood. 💕

As a fitness instructor who primarily focuses on women, specifically mothers, my job is often intertwined in the beautiful strength of feminine empowerment and the charming chaos of motherhood. I often find myself deeply invested in the physical and emotional transformation of my clients. This is because I meet so many women who are able to take the tools learned within my programs and use them to completely change not only their physical well-being but also to strengthen their emotional state. 💪🏾 

Cara’s Postpartum Transformation

Knowing that I am able to help unlock the inner strength within these women while giving them guidance into caring for themselves while caring for those around them, is a privilege that I will never take for gratitude. 

I regularly check-in with my clients not just in a sense of just getting a status update regarding their physical accomplishments, but in an attempt to gain a better understanding of how my programs have affected their lives as a whole. 😃 

With that said, I recently interviewed a client who is enrolled in my Fitness Challenge , and her input resonated with me a great deal. She was proud to share her postpartum transformation with me. Of course, I am always over the moon when I see ladies having great success with one of my programs. However, Cara touched my heart because I felt that she represented so many of you.

Cara’s a new mother trying to find her way through juggling her own needs along with the needs of her little family. A woman seeking support during her transition into motherhood. And she’s trying to find her way back to a healthier version of herself.

She told me…

“I didn’t have the energy to start. I was frustrated and tired. And I knew I needed a change because what I was doing wasn’t working and I needed help. I’ve been on a similar plan before when I did small group and personal training but I hadn’t been postpartum back then. I had no idea how to do all of what I did before as a breastfeeding mom!”

She was still rather new to motherhood as her little one had recently turned 9 months old. She was in a great marriage with a man that she had grown to adore more and moreover their years together. As well as, well respected in her professional field as she was a nurse in the Cardiothoracic ICU at the largest hospital in her area. Needless to say, on paper, her life looked like the perfect 5-year plan that most women would be completely envious of!

Cara was honest with me

Cara knew she needed to make a change, but she was struggling to find the motivation to start. She was balancing her full plate fairly well in the eyes of most, but she knew she needed to focus more on her own health. She had lost her baby weight, but she was aware that her lack of energy was an indicator that she needed to strengthen her physical health in terms of exercise and better nutrition.

“I work with patients with heart and lung issues, and those who need advanced life support. It has a lot to do with why I take having an active lifestyle so seriously. Constantly seeing people with the medical problems they have like I do, it puts a little fear in you. You don’t ever want to be on that side of the bed. And I don’t think people realize that preventative maintenance is SUCH a huge deal.”

“Before the 4 weeks to fit I was balancing work/life pretty well. But I needed to get back to doing something for myself. I had returned to my pre-baby weight just from breastfeeding and walking. But I wasn’t eating very well. I was overeating and still hungry all the time. I lacked the energy to do any meaningful exercise besides long walks, and felt so weak. And I really struggled with this plateau I had hit and I didn’t know where to start! I didn’t have the energy to start.” 

She wasn’t afraid to rise to the challenge…

Her professional experience in the healthcare field did help her take the matter of her health more seriously than most. I believe what helped her more than anything is she wasn’t scared of her own success. Cara wasn’t scared to rise to the next level. She wasn’t scared to make a valuable commitment to herself. All she needed was the tools, guidance, and support to get her where she wanted to be. She needed a helping hand while trying to figure out her fitness journey in the thicket of motherhood.

“I was most surprised by the level of support Nathalia gave us. I thought she’d give us the program and peace out but she is there every step of the way!”

“With the 4 weeks to fit program I lost 10 lbs! And countless inches. I think my scale said 2% body fat! But what is super important to me is it got me into a fitness routine, back in a healthy eating routine. It’s taught me sustainability.”

“After the program, I was able to hike 7 miles with my baby carried on my chest. I felt like superwoman! I could tell I had gained so much strength.”

What she wanted to share with you

My absolute favorite part of a client’s transformation is their desire to give back to those who are where they once were. Her success in becoming a healthier version of herself did not happen overnight. Nor were her goals met without challenges. She explained that while the national shutdown affected her and her family as it did most, she was able to view her new routines as a means of stability during uncertain times.

Following the program allowed her to grasp control of her physical health. It also gave her more control over her mental health as well. She now encourages others to take the leap of faith and invest in themselves!

“Covid flipped everyone’s world upside down. There’s been a lot of unknowns which is stressful. But having this program to give me some structure and to remember what I CAN control helped immensely with my mental health.”

“I would tell people that the hardest part is just starting and keeping yourself accountable. So why not jump in and do it, and have someone there to give you the tough love when you need it?! You might be surprised at what you can achieve.”

You are capable of your own success story!

If you see bits and pieces of yourself within this interview, reach out to me! We can work together to create your very own success story! You’re postpartum transformation is so important.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the postpartum transition or the muck of motherhood while balancing the needs of your own health, I am here to assist you with the know-how! I will also give you tools and proven programs to help you better care for yourself!

Please know that in order for you to best care for those around you, you MUST care for yourself! Allow me to assist you in your journey to becoming a healthier version of yourself! While always reminding you of the badass you truly are! 🙂 

Mama, you were built for this life…let’s rise to the next level together!

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