How a Mom Was Able to Feel Happy With Her Body and Fit In Her Pre-pregnancy Jeans Again After Just 3 Months of Personal Fitness Coaching

In this post, I’m sharing a success story of personal coaching for moms. I’m so tired of people telling moms to ‘say goodbye to their pre-pregnancy bodies’. Just because you’ve had a baby DOES NOT mean that you can’t have a ton of fitness success. If you’d like even more proof – then read this personal coaching for mom’s success story next. Or maybe this one. 

Today, I present to you an inspiring story of a mom (with a 1-year old son Alvin), a wife, and a full-time Research and Development Engineer. 

Rashin’s Personal Coaching for Moms Success Story

Just like most busy postpartum moms, the instinctive reaction is to take care of the newborn whose life depends on her. And if you have a full-time job consisting of 10-hour workdays, that doesn’t make the situation easier. Unintentionally, self-care often gets put last on the list of priorities.

As for Rashin, she saw her body gradually grow by 4 sizes. She saw her body in a place she had never seen before, and she had no idea what to do.

Her favorite clothes no longer fit her, which was new for her as she never had to worry about monitoring or even losing weight. This was all new to her and she started to become increasingly insecure about how her body looked and even avoided showing up for social events as she was not comfortable in that new body of hers. 

Looking at her body started to become difficult.

 “I was depressed. I hated looking at myself in the mirror. – Rashin

That was the last straw, and she knew that something had to change. 

A person who’s a size 4 doesn’t just blow up into being a size 8 overnight. 

Rashin was no different from all of the moms.

As much as she wanted to eat right and exercise to maintain her pre-baby weight. It’s so darn easy to get sidetracked when you have so much on your plate.

In short, life got in the way.

But, one day she decided she had enough when she started being seriously uncomfortable in her own body, her desire to get back in shape became a priority. 

So, she reached for what most moms do out of desperation: Quick fixes and fad diets.

But, with all the conflicting information out there she became even MORE confused and had no idea where to start. She dabbed with keto, intermittent fasting, or just plain ‘’starvation’… but, after trying them for a short period of time, she realized that it wasn’t gonna work with the demands of her new life as a working mom with a baby. 

The external force she truly needed.

Rashin decided to join one of my challenges as a trial, to see what it was about. Even though she was only able to religiously stick with it for 3 weeks due to health issues, she noticed significant changes in her weight and body shape.

That is when she decided to put more skin in the game and fully invest in herself! She went all-in for my Personal Coaching Program. 

In her own words:

If the challenge was that helpful, then the personal coaching program, specifically designed for me, would be even more impactful.”- Rashin

Yes, indeed! 

There is a huge difference between doing it on your own and having a coach guide you with a fully customized program that works around your life and tackles all pillars for success.

Besides, wouldn’t it be much better to save you loads of time and money, to have someone who has not only gone before you but also has helped thousands of women who started exactly where you are now and where Rashin was just a few months ago? 

That is why having a coach is SO important! 

During the program, Rashin has been provided with a program that caters 100% to her busy work schedule, demands of mom life, and her always changing postpartum body!

Rashin in the gym following her personal coaching for moms program

She has gained much more than ‘’loving her body again’’ (which in itself is pretty freaking incredible)! But she has also been able to shatter her old beliefs about how fat loss works. As well as how much exercise she actually needs to be in the best shape of her life (Nope, no 2 hrs cardio necessary!).

Her mindset around food has drastically improved, and she has all the tools she needs to keep on making progress, even when she is no longer working with me, which is what this coaching thing is all about! 

The new Rashin 🥰

With the right guidance, along with her determination and self-discipline, Rashin is now back to her pre-baby weight and comfortably back to her size 4 jeans again after only 3 months of following the program. 

Rashin doing her personal coaching for moms workout in the gym

She is also happy with her current body shape. She even says it looks better than before she had her son.  Rashin thought it was impossible to crush her goals! By herself without hours of daily cardio. 

She feels stronger and proud of herself for achieving her fitness goals. Most of all, she is well-equipped with the (health and fitness) knowledge that she can carry all throughout her life.

Nathalia’s Personal Coaching program is not just about diet and exercises. The whole team helps you how to “think healthy”…even after the program.” – Rashin

Want a stronger layer of guidance in your fitness journey?

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