5 Tips For Busy Moms To Have Habits That STICK!

In this post I’m sharing tips for busy moms to have habits that STICK. I know that developing new habits can be hard. That’s where I come in! Together we’ll help you with so many tips for busy moms to have habits that actually work. And that actually stick around. Ready? Let’s go! 

Have you experienced a difficult time achieving the results you’ve set out to accomplish? And did you ever wonder why it’s so hard sometimes to set a goal and actually follow through on it? It all comes down to your habits and daily routines that create the ability to even begin with putting a plan in place! 

For starters, here’s the first hard truth we may need to become aware of before we can move forward into attaining the ultimate objective. It is important to understand which blocks (aka excuses) you have placed in your mind and let’s work from there. 

First, we’ll define what an excuse is, just so we’re all on the same page… 

plural noun: excuses


1. a reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense

What we all need to do is recognize the excuses we continue to make and create habits to counteract said excuses. And here’s how! 

5 Tips for Busy Moms to Have Habits That STICK

1. Journaling/Meditation

Each morning begin your day with either journaling or meditation to allow your mindset of productivity. Whether it be to set the tone for your personal day, professional opportunities, or health and wellness goals, we all need to make sure our initial mindset creates a true “tone” of productivity for the day ahead. 

Now I do say OR, either journal or meditate, because for many, such as myself, I cannot do both in the morning, so I choose to journal. But I do then choose to meditate right before bed. I find the journaling sets my day up for productivity and mediation at bed creates a restful nights sleep that may not be achieved due to an overactive brain! 

Now some become overwhelmed very easily with the idea of doing something prior to jumping headfirst into their day as they wait until the absolute last minute to get out of bed before having to rush into their day. If this truly does challenge you in such a way where the anxiety or angst you may feel creates a defeatist stance, then please do not force it and try and journal/meditate later in the day or before bed. 

Yes, every person’s circumstance and schedule are very different, so a one size fits all mentality doesn’t always work, and that’s why additional options are always available. But if there is any way to possibly begin the day with one small task, it may just surprise you how you’ll truly benefit from it. 

This leads me to your next habit to break into… or out of should I say?

2. Give yourself time

Slowly begin to wake up each morning 3-5 minutes earlier until you are giving yourself 15-20 minutes additional time each morning to sit and create your mindset. And I’m not saying it takes 4 days in a row of 5 additional minutes. Your first week starts 3-5 minutes earlier, second week 7-10 minutes earlier, and so on and so forth.

And by week 4 you’re 15-20 minutes earlier than you had been waking up. And now you’ll realize, just by not rushing, you’ve already set a much more positive outlook on your day. 

When you wake up and immediately feel harried, the sense of being overwhelmed takes over and right away, you’re in the “red.” But when you create the habit of waking earlier, taking moments for yourself to create a calmer overall environment, the remainder of the day follows.

3. Action Task

Once you’ve started to wake up and give yourself “YOU” time through journaling, meditation, or just sitting, think about one simple task that you could accomplish in the morning that would allow you to free up some time in your day so you may avoid finding an excuse to not accomplish a goal you have for your health and wellness. 

And by accomplishing one simple task, whether it be a load of laundry, you now give yourself that time later in the day to tackle a goal that is strictly for you! 

Time always seems to be the go-to excuse. Or lack thereof should I say when one is not able to reach their fitness-related goals. Well, these habits are going to make sure that that excuse never comes to the forefront of your brain again!

4. Make a list

This one may seem simple, and overrated, but MAKE A LIST! But when I speak to making a list, I don’t mean a grocery list or a list of tasks that need to be completed. This list is one that outlines your literal schedule; from wake up to sleep and everywhere in between. 

What’s everywhere in between? A list of every single thing that goes into each and every event of your day including approximate drive times, time being used at certain locations (i.e. time actually spent inside grocery store), time spent scrolling social media, etc… and then take that time and dissect where exactly you can be more productive within your day. 

It’s amazing how much time we spend doing absolutely NOTHING, yet somehow we’re all too busy. Things that make you go hmm…

5. Outline, edit and readjust! And ACCEPT the Ebbs and Flows of the Journey! 

What do I mean by that? Well, what results are you actually looking to achieve? Is it all physique-related? Or does it dive deeper? Do you even know exactly what you truly want? Well, let’s jot that down…

So many of us have no flipping clue what exactly the end game is. We just know that at this point in time we want something that we don’t have. AND, we want it RIGHT NOW! But do you ever write down the goal? And then write down the plan of action to achieve said goal? And then administer each step, one at a time to work towards that goal? If so, then you know, you begin with the initial outline, then you have to make some edits and then readjust. 

The second part to this is making sure you’re open to adjusting your approach. Also, ccepting that you are going to be thrown off track. And being gentle with yourself in the process. We all stumble, we slow down, we may even crawl a bit:


WE WILL ALWAYS GET BACK UP AND KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Acceptance of how life throws curve balls. The path is never straight is how we need to approach all scenarios. But it’s in the craziness of deviation that our habits will allow us to continue pushing forward in achieving our ultimate goals. 


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