5 Reasons Why The Small Steps Create the BIG WIN

In this post I’m helping you set small goals, for BIG wins. When you set small, smart and attainable goals, you’re actually much more likely to HIT those bigger goals. 

When you shoot for the stars, and not exactly reach them, ask yourself, do you REALLY land on the moon?

I think most of us have a natural tendency to “jump the gun” and only look to what we want our endgame to be instead of acknowledging the true baby steps that need to be taken and accomplished before achieving the big “W” (WIN).

Always looking for that “quick fix” or instant gratification has become the way of the world and most of the time there is potentially an option… UNTIL there’s not. And that is anything worth having, like a life of true health and wellness that stands the test of time. A physique that is built on balance and true mental well being and awareness to support it. 

So in order to create a truly sustainable lifestyle with optimal results that will stand the test of time, start by creating a list of small goals that will always support what you’re looking to achieve overall and here’s why.

Setting Small Goals for Big Wins

1) Smaller, more attainable goals will completely reduce the feeling of becoming overwhelmed.

When we take one step at a time, you create the energy that propels you forward into the next step and so on and so forth. Inertia is REAL and it not only translates in the physical sense of an object in motion. Inertia also pertains to internal energy and mindset. When you have a full on motivational push inside, it will continue to push you forward through each and every day.

So the initial energetically push will continue day to day once you take that first smaller step. And when you accomplish one small goal, the positive response you have from the inside out continues to motivate you to move onto the next.

Woman Stretching in a gym

2) Have a short term plan too

Setting a large goal is always ideal. However, when you don’t have the smaller plan in place or alternate routes to the end result one can easily become discouraged. De-motivation is real too and that is the exact opposite of inertia. The ebbs and flows of life are natural! When trying to remain on the path to success, a complete deescalation can cause failure. And when true failure occurs, recourse may become relatively impossible for many reasons from mental breakdown to physical. 

3) Break things down

Breaking down your ultimate goal into steps can allow for you to see the bigger picture. And then also understand why you’ve been challenged to actually achieve the end result. Seeing where you may be falling short when you lay your plan out step by step will only help to build a stronger foundation going forward.

4) Find your Why

And that leads into asking what your actual foundation is? Or your why? Understanding your reasons for wanting to reach your goal, whether it be a certain aesthetic or relationship with food will only help to create the mindset that is necessary to move forward diligently and with conviction to be successful. 

5) Celebrate the small victories too

Understanding that large, audacious goals can be a huge undertaking that only a few things need to go wrong and all of a sudden the train to success is completely derailed and the achievable goal is no longer available. Incremental achievements build stamina. Smaller, more achievable goals allow for daily or weekly victories that do translate to the internal creation of the big win. And when you have that internal victory, your drive just continues to naturally progress into the next step; and so on and so on… 

Setting Small Goals for Big Wins - Woman looking in a mirror at her skin, slightly smiling

We’ve been taught “patience is a virtue” throughout our lives. But somehow with the way our futures have developed, we’ve forgotten this extremely imperative detail that truly does radiate. Nothing good ever comes easy and without patience. You will not have true success in any part of your life if you’re not willing to take the small victories as big wins. When you allow yourself the ability to see the smaller as the bigger, you’ve already WON. So stop self deprecating and start appreciating that every small step is a BIG one towards your true victory! 

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Set Small Goals for Big Wins with ME


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