7 Tips to Make and Keep your New Years Resolutions

In this post I’m going to be sharing 7 tips to make and keep your New Years Resolutions! Wanna get started? Check out my free programs to help you make the most of 2021. Click HERE.

New Years’ is a time of dreaming, planning, and doing! There is just something about the turn of a new calendar year that motivates us to think about all the endless possibilities for the next 12 months. How different our lives could be and often it opens our eyes to just how much we would like to change about our current situation. Look, I know many don’t want to get caught up in the hype of “new year, new me”, but I’m here to say…sometimes there’s nothing wrong with wanting a fresh, clean slate! 

And let’s be real, this New Year may feel particularly special because… well bye bye 2020! Many of us had resolutions that were planned for 2020 that did not come to pass because of COVID and the crazy impacts that it has had on our world. The New York Times has even addressed “the quarantine 15”, and how most have struggled but are trying to navigate healthy living during the lockdown.

Needless to say, 2020 was a rock bottom year for most. This leads me to think, 2021 is going to be particularly special as it will feel…more than EVER…that we are starting on a clean canvas! So guess what? Now more than ever is the time to re-evaluate our goals and set new, exciting, and realistic ones for the upcoming year!

7 Tips to make and keep your New Years Resolutions

Setting goals is the first step from turning the invisible to visible.” 

That quote was gifted to the world by the well-known motivational speaker and coach, Tony Robbins. It is one that I think particularly outlines the endless possibilities within your fitness goals. To imagine that you could totally transform your physical appearance and in return transform the way you feel on the inside, can be a thought that is far too big for some to grasp…so they avoid it altogether. 

So here I am, screaming to the top of my lungs…grabbing you by the shoulders… and shaking you like a crazy person (virtually of course haha)! Don’t be so scared of success that you shy away from your goals altogether! Goal setting is so, so good for our mental state! Listen up as I literally quote positivepsychology.com

“Studies have shown that when we train our mind to think about what we want in life and work towards reaching it, the brain automatically rewires itself to acquire the ideal self-image and makes it an essential part of our identity.” 

WOW! So just that sink in…let go of all your doubts and fears…and allow yourself to dream with me for just a sec! 

Invisible to VISIBLE! 

You can literally take all those daydreams about a happy and healthier you and make them come to life! You can take this idea of your future self and turn it into reality! That is exactly what goal setting is all about! 

The first step is dreaming..

then planning..

and doing! 

So today I’m going to walk you through a few tips that I think you’ll find extremely helpful in your goal setting…and goal crushing 🙂 journey! Ready?? Here are my tips to make and keep your New Years Resolutions!

Tip #1: Write Your Goals Down

Writing down goals is extremely important! There’s just something about taking an idea that was once just a thought from the top of your head and breathing life into it with pen and paper (or the notes section on your iPhone if you’re techy). I love how Forbes addresses the “if you want to achieve it, write it” thought process in this article.  Overall, it helps you create a vision and you are then able to materialize that goal. 

Pro-tip, it’s a small victory within itself to be able to reflect on those written goals once you surpass them!

Tip #2: Set Achievable Goals

I swear so often people are terrified of their own success. To the point that they self-sabotage and set these crazy unattainable goals. Afterward, they often find comfort in the failure because it means they don’t have to keep trying. 

“I knew I couldn’t do it… see why do I even try.” 

Ummm yea if you are one of those people who want to lose 30lbs in 2 weeks that is not realistic…at all… so yes, you are setting yourself up for a toxic cycle of frustration and failure. Instead, let’s create a new cycle. One where you focus on setting goals that are reachable… and that often means setting mini-goals inside of an overall goal… which I totally support!

Tip #3: Be Specific

The problem with being vague is you don’t really have a way of holding yourself accountable. You need clear cut goals that will allow you to easily determine if you’ve met them.

I want to lose weight” or “I want to workout more” are not specific enough goals. 

Instead, try something like this:

I want to lose 10lbs in 6 weeks” or “I want to workout 4 times a week”. 

Tip #4: Set Realistic Goals

I know we’ve already covered setting goals that are obtainable, but here I’m referring to the ability to touch base with your current reality. Set goals that are realistic in where you are in life. Telling yourself that you’re going to train 3 hours a day for 7 days a week…when you work a full-time job, you are juggling virtual learning with the kids, and you have a marriage to carve out time for…isn’t going to cut it! Chances are you’ll burn out real quick and not be able to keep up with this crazy goal you set for yourself. Girl, don’t go setting yourself up to fall flat on your face…set realistic goals that fit into your daily life! 

Tip #5: Set Goals Based on Love NOT Hate

Goals should be uplifting and make you feel good on the inside. Yes, it needs to be rooted in a strong “why”…but I refuse to let that why be why you have hatred toward yourself. Have you ever heard the saying ‘’You can’t hate your body into a shape you’ll love”? This is exactly what I mean! I’m addressing this now because I have seen women set these goals for all the wrong reasons… it’s not pretty… so please make sure that you are setting your goals from a place of love for yourself! 

Tip #6: Pick a Relevant Goal TO YOU!

Don’t pick a goal just because it’s what someone else suggested! In order for a goal to come to life, you’ve gotta want it for yourself, not want it because someone else told you should. For example: If someone told you should lose weight, you may begin to feel that this should be your goal. But that’s a hard no! YOU need to pick a goal that is relevant to you and to what YOU want, not what others want for you. So if you want to get in shape so that you can crawl around with your kiddos on the floor, feel sexy for yourself and your husband, or just to be more comfortable in your own skin…own those little personalized goals… because those are the goals you should be shooting for!

Tip #7: Create Actionable Steps

I’m all about some action steps so you know that this step is my jams! When you set these goals you are literally creating the big picture of what you want to achieve then you must work your way backward and break that goal down. You need to ask yourself how you can break things down into small obtainable steps so that you can take action daily and conquer that big picture goal. I love the logistics of daily action steps, but I’ll be honest with you, this is the hardest step! You can be the best goal creator in the world but if you don’t establish and stick to actionable steps… you will most likely be at a standstill. 

Ahhh guys I am so excited for the new upcoming year! I just feel it in my bones that 2021 is going to be full of new mountain tops for some many people!

I know we’re all learning to cope with new norms, but from here forward I’m going to be optimistic and say that we’ll be owning so many of the new changes and getting back on our feet just in time to crush some goals for the new year! If you are as excited as I am about saying goodbye to 2020, and you’re ready to turn those goals from invisible to visible, I would love to invite you to my new upcoming program 4 Week Shed & Shred!

In the meantime, I hope you found these 7 tips to make and keep your New Years Resolutions super helpful! What are your resolutions? Let me know on Instagram (@nathaliamelofit).

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